woensdag 31 december 2014

RECAP || OOTD 2014

NL: Wow! Vandaag is alweer de laatste dag van 2014!

dinsdag 30 december 2014


Top 2000

Sinds 1999 is het ieder jaar tussen kerst en oud & nieuw weer tijd voor de Top 2000. Buiten de muziek die op de radio gedraaid wordt

maandag 29 december 2014


De muzikale maand december!

Het muzikale hoogtepunt van de maand december is voor mij altijd de Top 2000 a gogo, met Matthijs van Nieuwkerk en Leo Blokhuis als de hoofdrolspelers. Vooral de kleine docu's raken me altijd weer. En mijn verwondering

zondag 28 december 2014

DIARY || 26

NL: Terugkijken op de laatste 2 weken betekent terugkijken op een hoop festiviteiten.

woensdag 24 december 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
dress - Monki, bracelet - H&M

NL: De laatste 3 jaar is mijn leven verrijkt met een nieuwe traditie: Kerstmiddag!

maandag 22 december 2014


ph: Roel van Tienen
dress - H&M trend, tee - H&M divided, sneakers - New Balance

NL: Deze outfit had ik aan naar de kerstlunch op mijn werk. Tijdens de lunch

donderdag 18 december 2014


Ph: me

NL: The Tea Lab is zo'n beetje mijn favoriete plek in Rotterdam op dit moment. Ik spendeer er te veel van mijn tijd en te veel van mijn geld. Maar...

dinsdag 16 december 2014


skirt - H&M trend, sweater - Monki, boots & tights - H&M

NL: Afgelopen zondag had ik met Tara afgesproken om foto's te maken voor onze blogs. Niet alleen gezellig,

zondag 14 december 2014

DIARY || 25

Sundays are for snapshots! This is what I've been up to the last 2 weeks:

woensdag 10 december 2014


Gray mice 

NL: En opeens had ik weer nieuwe inspiratie voor een moodboard op het blog van Linda. Misschien is het het weer, wat koud is en regenachtig en vooral grijs. Dit is een ode aan de grijze kleding dit seizoen. En er is niets mis met het zijn van een grijze muis, toch?

maandag 8 december 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
dress and scarf - Monki, jacket - Zara, slip-ons and tights - H&M, bag - Mango

NL: Dit gestreepte jurkje in combinatie met de ponyhair slip-ons is een outfit die ik afgelopen zomer veel heb gedragen.

donderdag 4 december 2014

DIARY || 24

NL: De laatste keer dat ik mijn week in foto's deelde, is zo'n 2 weken geleden. Extra veel foto's om te laten zien dus. Hier kijk je naar:

dinsdag 2 december 2014


ph: my mum
beanie & boots - H&M, coat - H&M trend, jeans & top - H&M divided

zondag 30 november 2014


Autumn, fall.. indian summer. A few cold days, but winter still hasn't really kicked in yet! These last 3 months there were so many beautiful days to shoot outfits outside... Beautiful colors and warm light. This is a quick recap of all autumn's looks. Any favorites?

woensdag 26 november 2014


Over schoenen en sokken

Voorzichtig strelend over de mooie zachte rondingen, met mijn vingertoppen streel ik alle putjes en een gevoel van geluk stroomt door mijn lichaam. Het deert mij niet wat anderen ervan vinden, het is mooi en sexy.

donderdag 20 november 2014


Ph: Roel
sweater - Monki, skirt - Monki, boots - H&M

Ain't autumn the most beautiful season of the year? I love it when the park is covered in leafs.

dinsdag 18 november 2014

DIARY || 23

Hee guys! Time is flying by, can't believe it's mid-November already! 5 more work weeks, I'm counting down the days! In the meantime all the fun things are rushing by as well. This is what you're looking at:

cake-welfie with Sanne! our last, last date! at least for 6 months... she's going to work in the French snow for the season. and you'd think we are used to saying goodbye by now.. she's a real wanderer, always in town for a few months and then off to another adventure (read about it here), but it doesn't work that way. we hugged and kissed eachother goodbye, and than went our own way in tears. sure am gonna miss her! // well, at least we had the best cake in town on our last date of 2014! red velvet cake and carrot cake from The Tealab, both very yummm! // selfie! I just discovered the picture app Piclab, like it! // Twiggy's portrait. Have you seen my Instagram post yesterday, where she's still a kitten? // Monday's are for chilling on the couch. and Grey's Anatomy! // preggo Irene and I on her babyshower at my place. it was nice to organize a surprise party, everything turned out right! now the big wait has started, I think she's giving birth on the 25th! ;) // this is one from 2 weeks ago, but I  had to share it! babysit Felix for a few hours during my vacation was the best! we went to the petting zoo. I LOVE animals, and I think he does too. and the weather was great, a sunny autumn day, perfect to go out with the little man! // Rotterdam in all her beauty // from where I stand on a rainy Sunday afternoon. hoodie, sweatpant, sneakers. yes!

So, what have you been up to?

zondag 16 november 2014


Ph: Roel
vest - Monki, shorts - H&M divided, top - H&M divided, tights - H&M (20 dernier)

Ever since I bought this vest, I sort of live in it. It's so soft and fluffy and warm!

vrijdag 14 november 2014


Fri-YAY! It's our 3-year anniversary today!
I think 'soulmate' is such a cheezy thing to say... so let's say that, in all our imperfections, we fit eachother perfectly!

I love you, handsome! Loads!

maandag 10 november 2014


Ph: Roel
coat - H&M trend, jeans - H&M &denim, sweater - Monki, beanie - H&M mens dept, boots - H&M

We had an awesome indian summer, with loads of sun, but now autumn really kicked in it suddenly feels like winter! Brrr!

zaterdag 8 november 2014

DIARY || 22

Cheers, it's weekend! What are you up to? I got some nice plans, involving a lot of my friends, but first I look back on last week(s). What are you looking at?  >

one from last summer I haven't shared yet. people often talk about my neighborhood as dodgy, and it is a little bit, but I love it here! // sweater weather selfie // last thurday Roel and I spent the night at a fancy hotel in our hometown Rotterdam. last Christmas I got a voucher as a present from work and we decided to use it now, since we got a week off from work last week. it was awesome, all that luxury! // a holiday healthy lunch // cuddling with Gijssie // my new goldies I bought in an impulse! Roel and I had an argument and I went downtown angry... not a good idea, I came home with this pair of shoes I have mixed feelings about and I can't return them. oh oh  // bagel tapas with Sanne at Bagels and Beans. she's almost leaving for 6 months, boohooo :( // having gin-tonic with Marinke at Ballroom on Saturdaynight. yum! // bare legs on the first of November. the weather has gone mad! but I'm not complaining...

Have a good one, loves!

donderdag 6 november 2014


Ph: Roel and me
dress - H&M divided, sandals - Birkenstock

We choose to go to Trapani, because we wanted our summer holiday to be very budget. But there's so much to see on Sicily! And since Roel and I both suffer from a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out),

zondag 2 november 2014


dress - H&M trend, sneakers - New Balance, jacket - Zara, scarf - H&M trend, bag - Susan Bijl, tights - Zeeman

For the love of dresses and sneakers. 

woensdag 29 oktober 2014


Travelling the world is something that has always had a place on my bucket list. When I was little I dreamt about seeing the big 5 in Africa, or hopping around with the kangaroos in Australia. When I finished school and got my first job I spent my whole paycheck on city trips. For a year I did one like almost every month! But I wanted more. I wanted to be in another country for more than a holiday. Travel around, maybe live there. Meeting new people, discovering other cultures, learn new languages. I made some serious plans about going to Spain for a few months to learn Spanish. But there was always something holding me back ...

maandag 27 oktober 2014


Ph: Roel
Tee - Weekday, jeans - H&M &denim

'"Once you have mastered the white t-shirt, the future is yours"

zaterdag 25 oktober 2014


Goodmorning sweets! Here are my snapshots from last week. What you're looking at:

dinsdag 21 oktober 2014


Ph: Tara 
dress - H&M divided, checkered shirt - H&M trend, sunnies and boots - H&M

Last Saturday I had a date with the beautiful Tara (have you seen her hair? that's the hair I dreamt of when I was a little short-haired girl, often mistaken for a boy, boohoo!) to shoot some outfit pictures, and we could not have choose a better day! It was the warmest October 18th since 1921!

zondag 19 oktober 2014


Ph: me

Last week I was very excited to find out I was invited to the press opening of the new Weekday & Monki and the H&M flagship store in Rotterdam on Wednesday! The largest H&M in Europe, and an exclusive party, all in my hometown, I hád to be there! If you follow my blog, you know I'm a huge Monki-fan and I adore the H&M trend collection. I'm not as familiar with Weekday (yet!), but I'm sure it's an enrichment to our shoppingcentre! And ok ok.. I think it's SO COOL that this huge flagship store stands in Rotterdam, and not in Amsterdam! *gin* (a little patriotism never hurt nobody, right?)

vrijdag 17 oktober 2014


Ph: 1,2,4,5. Roel, 3. Tara

There's a lot that can go wrong when you're shooting an outfit. Wind. Gijssie who wants to snuggle. My hair blowing in my eyes. More wind. A casual hand through my hair turning into the monkey pose...

maandag 13 oktober 2014


Ph: all the pictures are from Rachel blog Urban Traveller

Some girls just have that something special. Rachel Ecclestone is one of them.

zaterdag 11 oktober 2014


My Instagram snapshots from last week. So, what are you looking at?

donderdag 9 oktober 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
skirt - Monki, blouse - H&M trend, boots and ring - H&M

During summer Roel and I sleep under sheets only, but last week I woke up so cold I knew it was time to put on the blankets.

maandag 29 september 2014


Ph: Roel & me

When on Sicily, you have to pay a visit to Palermo.

donderdag 25 september 2014


Happy Socks.

I have always been more of the wintery type than the summery type. When leaves start falling, my face starts smiling. It’s not that I hate sun or anything ‘vampiry’ like that. It’s just that I dislike sweating and I prefer winter fashion over summer fashion. Gotta love those warm knitted sweaters, long hooded cardigans, and fashionable coats that cover up my little love handles and upper arms. But more than anything, I hate to see feet. Especially other people’s feet. I really don’t see why people feel the urge to show their ugly feet to the world. Well, to show them to my world at least.
Yes, I wish that people would cover up their toes. Which is one of the reasons that I like socks so much. What, like? No, love. I love socks. Really, I do. I adore them. I know that it’s all hip and trendy now to wear those Happy Socks, especially when you’re a male business hot shot with Italian couture suits. But my love for socks is so much deeper than that.

Socks are wonderful. In their ability to cover up feet, they make the world a more beautiful place. And they’re the perfect way to release your inner child. Think about it; a good pair of socks turns every wooden floor into an amazing slide way. But there’s more. I am 30 years old, just bought a grown-up house and I have a busy full-time job. A grown-up life with grown-up responsibilities. We can all relate, right? People expect us to look representable and act professional. So what better way to start my grown-up day with a pair of Minnie Mouse socks on my feet? Winnie the Pooh socks are the ultimate way to kill a Monday morning depression. Or, if I really need a dose of happy energy, why not wear two different socks? I put my cheerful socked feet in elegant boots and get ready for a brand new professional day.

Wearing my melons and oranges socks, I feel like I can rule the world. Having a bad day at work? Who cares, I’m wearing my penguin socks! Stuck in traffic? Who cares, I’m wearing my Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs socks. Are people treating you like jerks? Who cares, I’m wearing my elephant socks! Flat tire? Who cares… Well, you get the point. It is my little happy secret in this grown-up world. Can you imagine how empowered I feel when wearing one lion sock and one Donald Duck sock! And hey, if I am feeling really bad, I can always go the toilet, take off my boots and stare at my socks for a little while.
Or, and I’m going to extremes now, buy a new pair of socks. A girl just can’t have enough socks. It’s like shoes, but affordable. Like comfort food, but without a fat ass. Being a femininely curved woman, fashion shopping can be a drag. Not with socks! Socks always fit. Socks will never remind you of that extra pound you gained. You’ll never need a larger size. Socks are just always there for you.

After confessing my love for socks to my friend yesterday, she said; But you can use underwear for that too, right? Wrong! Wearing Mickey Mouse socks gives you a nice little twisted edge when you’re in your thirties. Wearing cotton Smurfs underwear is just twisted when you’re in your thirties. And a bit scary. And unattractive. And if anyone thinks it is attractive… Well, that’s just even scarier.
So I am happy that summer is coming to an end and the season of socks is approaching. Go ahead. Call me a weirdo, a nut case, an idiot or a lunatic. Call me crazy, twisted, childish, or immature. But there is so much trouble in this world and I am just having a little fun. What can I say: Life’s too short for serious socks.

Wanna read more (in Dutch)? Feel welcome to visit my website www.marissaharmsen.nl .

dinsdag 23 september 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
skirt - H&M trend, top - H&M divided, sandals - Birkenstock, sunglasses - Primark

Days are shorter and nights are colder. Fall is on it's way.

zondag 21 september 2014


My world through an Instagram filter:

baby Felix with auntie George and auntie Lin on his first birthday party. can't believe my little love bug is one year old already! // pink leather OOTD... ♥ // it's a hard knock blogger life with a cat like Twiggy! // chai latte and a chocolate iced latte with Sanne at the Tea Lab, loving those afternoons! // yeah, he hates selfies. but he made an exception for me in Paris :) // Gijssie! so happy we were home again after our weekend in Paris // the Tea Lab again! with Marinke and Desiree, a tuesday well spent! // going to a concert with Roel last friday night. the GOASTT feat. Sean Lennon (yes, John's son!) and Charlotte Kemp Muhl, very awesome! // baby Madelief, cutie // from where I stand in a maxidress and ponyhair slip-ons // at the presentation of a new TV-show. I had a little part in the preparation of an episode. cool to be on the Media Park for a day! // the weather is still so great, a perfect indian summer. I could even wear this all white outfit last saturday!