Ph: Roel van Tienen
skirt - Monki, blouse - H&M trend, boots and ring - H&M

During summer Roel and I sleep under sheets only, but last week I woke up so cold I knew it was time to put on the blankets.
It's a funny thing about the change of seasons: you step outside and suddenly it's fall. You can smell it in the air. The temperatures drop, it's still dark outside when I wake up and at night I have to wear a big knit around the house to stay warm. The cozy feeling of autumn leafs and lighted candles. But also... a sore throath and the feeling I can sleep for days! Blugh! When these pictures were taken I felt a bit under the weather and I guess it shows.
This cool, tule skirt I bought on sale makes up for it a little. I had my eyes on it all summer, planning on wearing it with white, light gray or another pastel, like lilac. But when I tried it on wearing something black (like I do most of the time ;)), I thought that looked great in the mix as well! And suddenly it's fall in my closet as well.
Love it!

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