woensdag 1 oktober 2014


Good morning, lovelies! Here's another diary. So, what was my week all about?

Twiggy & Gijssie! since we're going to travel for 3 months we're looking for a nice place to stay for them. and that's hard! but it's gonna be allright... // homemade tapas, a perfect friday night, so good! // fluffy paw... ♥ // from where I stand. it's tights-weather again. // cloudporn // yes, fall's here! and my new NB kicks! // selfie! my hair is finally long enough to do a little braid, yaaay! // my nephew's turning 1, little happy guy, love him // floral summer dress and yellow autumn leafs in one picture // Gijssie. all together now: AAAHHH // my neighborhood, ain't it beautiful?

Happy wednesday guys, we're half way through... almost weekend!

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