maandag 30 september 2013


Don't just dream the dream

At the age of 4 my parents took me to the theatre in Rotterdam for the first time, we went to a short comic play by RoTheater and… I loved it!
When I was 7 years old we visited Jeugdtheater Hofplein to watch the play 'Kruimeltje'. Jeugdtheater Hofplein doesn’t only do plays, they provide lessons in acting, dancing and singing as well for all youth. My parents thougt it would be a swell idea to admit me to that school so I could learn how to act… this is the start of my dream.

I loved the theatre since I was a little girl, I think it was the magic and the very thin barriere between reality and fantasy. I re-enact complete plays when I was home in my room and really wanted to be an actress. It was either that or a dentist, like my dad.
When I was 15 my dad told me that being an actress ment having no money at all, and that it was too big of a dream to really believe in. I haven't had a lead in a play yet, I couldnt really sing to save my life, my only strong point was dancing. But because of my weird feet and legs I couldn’t attend dance academy.
I thougt to myself, very well, I'll create an other dream… but that was a horrible mistake.

When I got a little older there was happening a lot. I didn't finish highschool and worked at a grocery store in our little town. I was dating a guy who had never seen a play, besides that, he really didn’t care about theatre at all.
My parents still visited the theatre a lot, but I didn't go with them… untill that one night. My dad got sick, so my mum was trying to find someone to come with her to a musical. The good daugther I am I went with her and *BAM* fell in love all over again.

A couple of months later I started lessons again and I had the best time. I really missed it! Within a year I did my first play, this time with a big part and I really enjoyed it … but it wasn’t how it used to be...
Over the years I searched for the perfect feeling in theatre, and a little over a year ago I found it.

I always thought I wanted to be an actress, but while getting older I realized I wanted something else. I took my first steps in the directing and teaching area.
In 2012, when I was 27, I enrolled in a school for acting and directing. I still had to act, but now I could sniff around backstage and look at all the great stuff  besides being an actress.
I really loved it and took the final step:
I’m 28 years old and I enrolled in the University of Amsterdam Theatre Studies. I still do my directing subjects in the weekend and am really focused on being backstage and part of the artistic teams in the world of theatre!

I walked a bumpy road, I’m almost 30 now, but I can now say I finally found something real, something that feels so good that it’s hard to think of it as a study.
I let people tear me down, I listened to the folks who told me I wouldn’t make a lot of money being in the world of art. I got disencouraged because I didn’t get that part in a movie, television show or play. I almost gave up and did not find my path at all.
What I’m trying to say is , stop dreaming the dream… follow your heart, no matter what others say.  Live, love, get inspired and follow your heart!
You’re never too old to start over. It’s never too late to dream….Live your dream!!!


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zondag 29 september 2013


Ph: Roel
blouse - H&M trend, top - Zara, acid wash jeans - H&M divided, sneakers - New Balance, nailpolish - Hema

I was 21 when doctors diagnosed fibromyalgia. By then I was walking around with physical symptoms for years. For a long time there was a lot of confusion about this condition. Was it a fabricated illness (I know a girl whose doctor calls it a disease invented by depressed people with muscle pain!!), a body overload or an abnormality in the brains? For me it meant I had a lot of pain in the tendons of my muscles and joints and that I was suffering from extreme fatigue. Now I still have to be frugal to with my energy, but sometimes it goes well for months. Sometimes I'm close to forget that I am chronically ill. Until I get this hard reminder: a pain attack. In my hips, in my back. Or as this week: in my shoulder. It started a week or two ago with strain complaints. And despite I did a step back it got worse and worse. By now the pain is almost impossible , mean and fierce. The last few days I slept 10 to 12 hours a night. The boyfriend was painting the house, I watched helplessly from the sideline ... 
Wednessday we wanted to go out to get some fresh air, and to take these pictures. A relaxed outfit: my favorite black acid washed jeans with sneakers and a long blouse. I love the sheer parts of this top, the back and the sides. It gives it that little something extra. And I can't get enough of sneakers on days like that!

The latest studies on fibromyalgia have shown a new cause: Too much nerve fibers in the blood vessels. Sounds very plausible, hopefully they find a cure soon! But for now I hope the pain in my arm quickly reduces, so I can get to my normal life again.

For all of you: Happy Sunday!

zaterdag 28 september 2013


It's possibly the most beautiful place on earth: Isla del Sol. It's an island in Lake Titicaca, in the north of Bolivia.

vrijdag 27 september 2013


I'm planning on posting a weekly picture diary here on the blog every Friday. Well, I'm already a week behind, the way it always goes with me and plans. So this one's full of pictures starting on the day we came back in Holland.

What are you looking at?

arriving at Schiphol Airport, I'm in tears as soon as I see my family and friends // walking home after my first day at work. beautiful weather, beautiful city // reunited with Levi, love of my life! // blowing candles on my 30th birthday. that's an amazing cake, isn't? my friend Neomie made it for me, so gratefull! // september 10th one of my best friends gave birth to this beautiful baby boy. his name is Felix and I'm in love. a new life, so close... it's something very special // gijssie! the cats are happy to be home and we're glad to have 'm around ♡ // Daisy and I at festival Wereld van de Witte de With Kwartier. I'll tell you more about this festival next week! // autumn or indian summer? sun and rain are taking turns these days. don't like the rain - who does? - but it sure gives nice pictures // visiting my family in Nijmegen last weekend, these are my brother and sis-in-laws new roommates.. cuties!


donderdag 26 september 2013


Ph: The official Marilyn Monroe Facebook page

Though all pictures of Miss Monroe are fit for throwback thursday, this one I had to share today. Marilyn, in her younger years, as vintage as can be. Such a natural beauty!

dinsdag 24 september 2013


dress - H&M trend, earrings - H&M

When I'm free from work I love to sleep late, even 'till noon when I have the chance! Wake up slowly, scrolling through Instagram, looking at some blogs, read the news ... When I have the luxury to have my boyfriend home with me as well I prepare us a tasty breakfast/brunch/lunch - how do you call it when you get out of bed at 1 PM? - I try to make something healthy and original everytime. Most of the days I go out after that. To meet a friend, or shop, or do something for the blog. But sometimes there's nothing. No plans. No obligations. No arrangements. Just a late afternoon, some tea, me and the couch. And Comedy Central (I LOVE!! South Park) or a magazine (ELLE's September issue, can't get enough of that!). I find that the ultimate relaxation.

What's your chill mode?

zaterdag 21 september 2013


Ik en mijn studieschuld

Hoe meer het einde van mijn turbulente studiecarrière in zicht komt, hoe vaker ik denk aan mijn hoog opgelopen studieschuld en de jarenlange maandelijkse aflossingen die mij te wachten staan. Maandenlang heb ik het kunnen volhouden om met mondjesmaat wat bijlenen elke maand rond te komen. Maar naarmate ik ouder werd veranderde mijn leefsituatie met als gevolg dat ook mijn uitgaven veranderden. Wat de verrassende uitwerking had: een stijgende maandelijkse studielening. Nu ben ik zelfs op het punt beland dat ik bang ben om in te loggen op DUO (dus dat doe ik dan ook maar niet). Dit natuurlijk met het aloude spreekwoord ‘wat niet weet, wat niet deert’ in mijn achterhoofd. De nuchtere kant van mij - dezelfde kant die niet op DUO inlogt - denkt dan: ‘ach, het moment dat ik moet gaan aflossen duurt nog wel even en ik heb er vijftien jaar voor, laat ik eerst mijn studie maar eens afmaken.’ 
Andere mensen hoor ik vaak zeggen dat het een investering is in jezelf, een investering in je toekomst. Maar als ik eerlijk met mezelf ben is dit een gedachtegang die pas later in mijn hoofd is geslopen. Want, zeg nou zelf, als je jonger bent gaat het vooral om het ‘nu’ en is het belangrijker dat je niet de hele tijd op ‘de kleintjes’ moet letten. Het geld ging op aan leven en goed, een beetje aan mijn studie. Nu ik ouder ben en volgens mezelf ook meer verantwoordelijk, kan ik niet aan de gedachte ontkomen dat het allemaal ook wel erg makkelijk ging. Is het een te zwaar besluit om te gaan lenen of niet op de dan nog jonge leeftijd van achttien jaar?  Zou het misschien niet iets moeilijker gemaakt moeten worden? Of zou er iets meer voorlichting over een studielening gegeven moeten worden? Had ik dan andere keuzes gemaakt en niet in deze situatie gezeten?

Zat ik dan niét de komende jaren met mijn vrije geest vastgeketend aan de staat?

Maar dan komt die nuchtere kant weer naar boven en denk ik: Ik ben gewoon op zoek naar een excuus! En dus ik praat mezelf weer moed in... Het is maar geld. Ik heb vijftien jaar de tijd om af te lossen, en het geld is in die jaren in mijn ogen goed besteed. Want uiteindelijk leef je maar één keer en dan kan je er maar beter het beste van maken!

Wesley op de Hoek

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vrijdag 20 september 2013


Ph: Roel
sweater - H&M trend, shorts - H&M divided, boots - H&M trend, bag - Zara, sunnies - H&M

Life looks so much better in the light of sunshine. Bare legs, having lunch in the sun...  It seems like the day I shoot this outfit was the last day I could show off my Caribbean-coast-tanned legs. Now rain is pouring for days in row and it's even harder to get used to my new life. I miss the freedom of travelling around, go where I want to go and sleep late whenever I want to! But the bright side is I have full access to my own closet now, and to the H&M trend fall collection, where I got this cool cow printed sweater ánd these amazing cut-out boots! O yeah, I love 'm so bad I want to wear 'm everyday! With tights, with socks, or better: bare legs. And well, the weather forecast promisses us a sunny weekend. Let's hope for a wonderful indian summer!

donderdag 19 september 2013


Ph: Jackson Pollock. Easter and the Totem. 1953. MoMa, New York City // Picture made by me.

This painting triggered my interest in art. Well, that's not completely true. The Modern Museum of Art in New York triggered my interest in art. While visiting New York for the first time I went to the museum. Not because I was such an art lover at that age, but because it was the thing to do as a tourist. I planned to stay there for a few hours, but I spent the whole day. Lost in all the beauty, it turned out I really got a thing for modern art. One of the pieces that stole my heart is Easter and the Totem, by Jackson Pollock. I love the shapes and colours. My second time in New York, about 2 years later, I visited it again and photographed it, and now it has a special place in my house, between other arty postcards and pictures I collected through the years.
What is your favourite piece of art?

maandag 16 september 2013


Ph: Roel
dress - H&M trend, earrings - a gift, rings - H&M

It has hardly been 2 weeks since we came home after 4 months of travelling across South-America. We had the time of our lives, it was more amazing than words can tell! Our next challenge is to get used to the 'normal' life in the Netherlands again. And that challenge started immediately! We arrived on Monday, I had to work my first day at the new job on Thursday, my beau moved in on Friday. And Saturday it was my birthday. My 30th birthday, so not a day to let pass without notice... Party, yaaay!
And today the launch of my new blog. In Colombia the thought came into my head that I wanted to have more than my old 'Straatstijl' blog. I wanted more than show you daily outfits. There still will be a lot of fashion, 'cause that's what I love. But I want to give you a peek inside my personal life, show you the best places in the city where I am born and raised (Rotterdam!), share my other interests with you like travel and art and be a platform for other people to share their dreams, their passions, their opinions as a guestwriter or with an interview.
Today we start off with an OOTD - my birthday outfit. 30 is awesome! and yes, I love to walk on bare feet when I'm in the house all day - and a big 'Yaaay'. I hope you will like the blog and enjoy reading as much as I do writing. And feel just as excited as me for all there's to come!

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