dinsdag 29 april 2014


Ph: Le Blog de Betty

Today's blogger crush is about Betty from Le Blog de Betty. The funny thing is that I found out about this girl by another blogger-crush-post Lucy from Lovely by Lucy wrote years ago. Still thankful, 'cause I love this girl! Betty is the perfect example of a parisienne: Stylish, feminine. Sexy in a cute way. And everything seems to fit her right. A latex skirt or the cutest white dress. All black or outfits full of colour. Heartshaped sunnies, flowercrowns. Hats, cropped tops and dungerees...

.... But what makes Betty's blog stand out between all those others is that she shares with us a part of her daily life. And what a life she lives! The parties, the festivals, the shows, the travels... Betty and hubby Mathieu (a blogger as well!) are based in Paris, got married in Las Vegas and travel all around the world on invite. They visit events together, party hard and sit front row at fashion shows all around the world. And all that is shared on Betty's blog, her posts are the perfect mix of outfit pics, pretty places, and holiday snapshots.

Mathieu about Betty on his blog (quoted from Teen Vogue) :

"With her messy bangs and carefree style-sense, Betty Autier is the quintessential French cool girl at its best. She has an eye for making Topshop and ASOS finds looks like a million bucks and seamlessly incorporates high-end designer pieces into her everyday wardrobe – a true feat for any fashionista. Here, she reveals some of her secrets to achieving that certain je ne sais quoi outfit factor that Parisian trendsetters do so well."

And the great thing is, just when I was ready to publish this article, Betty launged her new blog. So now there's an even more professional and orderly way to enjoy Betty's looks, travels and her unconditional love for food. Those donut and macaron pictures... they make my mouth water!
So Le Blog de Betty is definitely worth your visit! Enjoy, and get inspired!

zondag 27 april 2014


A cat overload on this hangover Sunday. An ode to my own Twiggy and Gijsiie, who light up our lives! 'Cause who doesn't love these cute, funny and loveable creatures?

donderdag 24 april 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
dress - H&M trend, nailpolish - Hema, belt - River Island

The good thing about cleaning out my closet, is finding treasures I forgot about. Like this dark blue dress with an amazing back. I think it's at least 5 years old, and still going strong!
Why I was cleaning out my closet? Saturday we celebrate Kingsday in the Netherlands and my friend Daisy and I will sell our old clothes at the flea market in the center of Rotterdam. We've done that the last 2 years and although we sell everything for very small prices (think 2 euros, 1 euro....50 cents at the end of the day), we always make enough money to party all night long! And it's just fun and cozy, and it's a great way to keep my closet clean.
Will you come and visit us?

dinsdag 22 april 2014


Diary #8 of 2014. It has been a busy couple of weeks, but with a lot of fun things and loads of sunshine! What you are looking at:

the Mister and Mississippi concert at Rotown! they rocked the place! you heard a little bit about them from me in this post HERE, but I guess there will be more in the future. i'm a fan! yaaay! // a slow saturday selfie ... // acing like a tourist in my own town. i love this spot in historic delfshaven, and it's so close to my home // Roel's cousin Erik ran the full marathon in Rotterdam, what an achievement! proud! // de Hef, Rotterdam, beauty // pre-easter brunch with the family on saturday and... // ...easter high tea with my friends on monday // little Fee is getting so big! cutie! // my pre-easter outfit // Daisy and me at Motel Mozaique. after 3 years in a row you can call it a tradition, right? ♥ // pink leather and daisies on a bright summer day '

So, what are you up to this week? I'm counting the days 'till friday (payday) and saturday (kingsday = Oranjebitter Festival!). What are your plans?

zondag 20 april 2014


Ph:  Studded Hearts

I wish you all a very happy Easter weekend!

For some of you it's about Jezus who died for our sins out of love. And for some of you it's just a day off with no meaning.
For me - not religious - it's about cozyness, easter eggs, free time, family and friends.
All love, tho.

woensdag 16 april 2014


My name is Eline and I’m one of the guestbloggers on the blog of my good friend Linda. Over the years I’ve collected images on the internet. Images which inspire me on my personal style, home decoration, delicious recipes en words that touch me. I’m a pinahololic you can say. Pinterest is the perfect platform for me to collect all my inspiration. My own moodboards inspire me every day. From now on I will share the pictures and words that inspired me on pinterest and a lot of blogs in a monthly item. So Flowerchild is my personal platform to share these beautiful images with you. I hope you’ll enjoy and most of all get inspired! 

Effortless comfyness 

Lately I have an object in mind: The backpack. Suddenly I see them everywhere! That's how it goes sometimes, your eye falls on something, you get inspired... by backs and packs... and hey... a new moodboard theme is born! When I was a teenager I had an oldskool Eastpack backpack to carry my schoolbooks with me, but when I grew older the shoppers and tote bags came into my life. A bit more stylish, but also way less comfortable actually. There’s always one shoulder that lifts all the weight... But now with all these beautiful leather or suede backpacks there is a way to combine style and comfort when it comes to bags. Well actually, not only with bags, I see it everywhere in fashionland: the combination of style and comfort. Is it just me or is it because fashion is getting more and more comfy.. ? Maybe it's because I’m just getting old and there is an unconscious desire in me to no longer need those heels of 10 cm... ;-) Ok, me getting old is a fact, but also in my opinion there’s a comeback of an effortless comfyness (don’t know if that’s a word but you’ll understand!) in fashion. For example, look at the new silhouettes on the editorials. Sexy, feminin but oversized and loose fits, mostly combined with flat shoes or Birckenstocks sandals and even the Nike running shoes. It’s also the year of the flat and comfortable shoe (here). I have some killer heels in my closet, but they are getting dusty for two seasons already, from just standing there. Nowadays I choose my nike running shoes over the heels and when I see all these beauties of bags, I think when it comes to choosing a new bag for this season I’m gonna choose ‘effortless comfyness’, but beauty also. How about you?

- Lien

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12. etsy.com- chrisvanveghel

maandag 14 april 2014


Dress - H&M trend, top - H&M divided, jacket - Zara, shoes - Sasha

Since we came back from our trip and my boyfriend and I both got a job again, I spend way too much money. On clothes, on grocery... My new resolution is to only buy stuff I can use for a long time, life less luxurious. I want to use my money for fun things, like festivals and going out with my love or my friends, and maybe even more important: to travel. I work for travel! And everytime I'm fed up with everything I try to remember that. 
This dress is a new dress. It complies with my new requirements: I can wear it forever! And yes, it's another black dress. But, black is my favourite colour when it comes to clothes. And one can never have too many black dresses, right? Right?! :)

Have a nice Monday! 

donderdag 10 april 2014


Summer or winter, autumn or spring. It's that one kind of shoe you can wear every season. The ankle boot!
I think there's no kind of boot I love more. They fit my style as it is: Sometimes very girly, with pastel dresses and floral skirts. And sometimes basic and simple, with jeans and a tee. The ankle boot goes with everything and it seems I'm not the first who discovered that. The streets are full of girls with booties, and they are mixing them with all the trends. Here's a streetstyle report of the coolest combinations out there. And I'm not leaving you with this inspiration only, I found a shoe with every trend to do it yourself at Dolcis! One click* away from your closet. And if you order before 20:00h, they deliver the next day!

The metallic trend. The eyecatcher of last A/W season and a must-have for upcoming Summer! It goes well with white, or with that other gorgeous trend: pastels.
Ph: ELLE Netherlands Streetstyle

Basic. Simple. Style is never out of fashion.
Ph: Stockholm Streetstyle

All black everything. Black turns out to be.. the new black.
Ph: ELLE Netherlands Streetstyle

Pastels... So soft. So sweet. And who doesn't like pink? I see myself walking around on this one from festival to festival next summer!
Ph: ELLE Canada Streetstyle

Lace it up this season! Wear it with a skirt and over-the-knee socks (or just a little sneak peek of a sock, like on the picture), or with a rolled up skinny jeans.
Ph: Stockholm Streetstyle

Nude. One of the trends that ruled the spring 2014 runways. Combine it in your own way, this one goes with everything!
Ph: Stockholm Streetstyle

The cut-out boot. For those who cannot afford the Balenciaga ones, these are a perfect alternative! They spice up that cute summerdress or dress down that hot LBD.
Ph: ELLE Netherlands Streetstyle

Enjoy shopping!

*Onderdeel van een commerciƫle samenwerking

woensdag 2 april 2014


Steven Meisel had a boyhood fascination with beauty, so we’re not surprised at how his life’s turned out. Born in 1954, and showing early artistic talent, he copied from publications like Vogue, and later attended art school, majoring in fashion illustration.

Meisel is kind of a controversial photographer. He's in the top 10 of Art History's Most Controversial Photographers [NSFW]. Steven Meisel pushes buttons with his with socio-political and couture juxtapositions, like with post-9/11 cop hysteria-themed spread (State of Emergency) and glamour shoot related to the Iraq war, named Make Love, No War. 

And his friend Madonna's infamous Sexbook? Ofcourse he shot that too!

But besides that (or maybe because of that?) he's one of the best photographers in the world. Steven obtained popular acclaim with his work in US and Italian Vogue. He is now considered one of the most successful fashion photographers in the industry, shooting regularly for both US and Italian Vogue, and lately W. 

What are your thoughts about this genius? A provoker or a talented artist?