maandag 14 april 2014


Dress - H&M trend, top - H&M divided, jacket - Zara, shoes - Sasha

Since we came back from our trip and my boyfriend and I both got a job again, I spend way too much money. On clothes, on grocery... My new resolution is to only buy stuff I can use for a long time, life less luxurious. I want to use my money for fun things, like festivals and going out with my love or my friends, and maybe even more important: to travel. I work for travel! And everytime I'm fed up with everything I try to remember that. 
This dress is a new dress. It complies with my new requirements: I can wear it forever! And yes, it's another black dress. But, black is my favourite colour when it comes to clothes. And one can never have too many black dresses, right? Right?! :)

Have a nice Monday! 

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