zaterdag 31 mei 2014


3 months in outfits! A holiday to Spain, Spring in the air and growing my bangs. Black still is my favourite colour, or the classic combo of black and white, but denim is well represented in my closet as well.. Which reminds me... I'm wearing jeans like all the time to work, but they're not in 1 picture. That has to be the challenge for upcoming months! 

I'm ready for Summer, are you?

donderdag 29 mei 2014


Ph: Tara Stokdijk
dress - H&M trend, sandals - Forever 21, necklace - H&M

This is the outfit I wore to the Ilovefashionbloggers Q&A. 2 months ago I went to a burlesque party and I hád to have this dress. The day after I kind of regretted my impulsivity: A great dress, but am I gonna wear it again?
I did, and I will again! Like I told you before (HERE) I'm not afraid to be a little overdressed from time to time!
And how do you like my new sandals? I bought them at Forever 21 in Antwerp. No endless lines, like in Amsterdam, and Antwerp is just as far from Rotterdam! I love these sandals, 'cause they're chic and casual at the same time!

dinsdag 27 mei 2014


Ph: me and Rowan 

Last Saturday the day was finally there: The Ilovefashionbloggers Q&A at Nhow, Rotterdam! Woohooo! Before the Q&A started Tara, Rowan, Yasmin and I met to make some outfit pictures. I met these gorgeous girls at the Ilovefashionblogger New Years drink in January and we speak regularly ever since. 
We took the pictures underneath the Erasmus Bridge, a beautiful location near the Rotterdam building where Nhow is located. After entering Nhow we get a namebadge and Tara was asked to give an interview about blogging.

After an inspiring presentation from Olympus photography, the Q&A with top bloggers Yara Michels, Linda Tol and Negin Mirsalehi was on. Good questions and great answers, I wrote a lot in my little blog notebook. It really was inspiring, I wanted to start blogging immediately after it!
But first there were cocktails and pictures and a lot of new people to meet in the lobby!

It was a great and inspiring Q&A, at an amazing location! Ilovefashionbloggers did a good job, everything was so well organized . Hope there are a lot of days and meetings like this to come! 

donderdag 22 mei 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
dress - Monki, sandals - Birkenstock, canvas bag - H&M, sunglasses - Ale Hop

Last sunday was one of those crazy hot days. Time for some sandals and a easy summerdress. I love the acid print of this one. It looks like denim, but it isn't. And maybe that the problem with it at the same time: It was the second time I wore it and found out this material does not bode well for my figure...
But then there's always a filter! Don't you love this dark shade of black and white? I love it how it makes the clouds look so impressive, and how it captures the hotness of the day. And it goes well with the black and white of the zebra. I think it's my new favourite. 
And thn my hair. I'm experimenting with my hairdo a little, because I want to grow my bangs. It's the first time I wore my hair like this. How do you like it? 

dinsdag 20 mei 2014


Hi guys! How are you doing? Can you believe this weather?! I'm off to the beach, but I'll leave you with a post full of randomness from the last 2 weeks:

rainy sundays are for... Star Wars marathon! first time I saw this movie about Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi... I'm hooked! // mustache mirror at Lof der Zoetheid. Desiree and I went there for their famous high tea, and it's famous for a reason. yum! // lazy saturdays with Gijssie // the 'old', but original entrance of Rotterdam Zoo: Blijdorp. so much has changed over the years, I really felt a bit old walking through the zoo saying 'wow, the giraffes used to live here, and the tiger used to live near the lions and now he's in the old polar bear shelter...and.. and... ' :)  // on mothersday I went through some old pictures and found this cute one of me and my mom together // a preview of last sundays outfit, soon on the blog! // ice ice baby! // Roel at the Oceanium, such an amazing place! // holding little Madelief (Roels latest niece) for the first time. sweet, beautiful girl. // Roel surprised me with these white roses at our 2,5 year anniversary! Woohooo! I'm one lucky girl! // my 'zoo-date' outfit

vrijdag 16 mei 2014


There are shoes I think everyone should have in their closet. Classic brands, that stand for quality, never go out of fashion and give your outfit instant style. Clarks Originals is one of those brands. I’m enternal grateful I got myself these dark blue leather ones last season. Classic underneath some blue jeans, but great with a dress like this as well! Especially since the weather these last few days turns out to be typical dutch: Spring days that feel like fall… 
But, better days are coming. And so my wishlist is already filling itself with light colours and cute pastels. Those light blue dessert boots are my absolute favourite at the moment. And I wouldn’t mind seeing my man in those gray ones with the blue sole! Which pair is your favourite?

You can shop your own Clarks Originals HERE at the Invito webshop. If you make your order before 20:00h, you get them delivered the next day. Or get them yourself at one of the shoepoints. Enjoy shopping!

Photography: Roel van Tienen. Special thanks to: Daisy Hofman 
dress - H&M consicious collection, blazer - H&M divided, boots - Clarks Originals

woensdag 14 mei 2014


Today it's 30 months ago we had our first kiss. The great start of something beautiful!
I'm so grateful this man came into my life. He brings out the best in me. With him I found a balance between peace and passion and it has never felt so naturally to go on forever. True love turns out to be not so difficult after all.

Happy anniversary, handsome! Thanks for being such an awesome boyfriend! I love you with all my heart!

dinsdag 13 mei 2014


top - Monki, skirt - H&M trend

I feel so much love for the combination of pencil skirts and crop tops. And this bright, floral top is just awesome. It makes a statement in the mix with the (my favourite!) pinstripe skirt: Be happy, summer is near!

zaterdag 10 mei 2014


Hey guys! Time for a new instadiary. May started, one of my favourite months of the year! Long days, full of friends and fun! What I was up to last week (and a half):

going out for dinner with le bf on payday. the new Burger Trut location is one of our fave restaurants at the moment. the B.A.D. (bacon, apple, danish cheese) rocks! and that Wostok drink is very, very tasty as well // this is a quick snapshot from the tram. amazing right? my picture was mentioned on a Rotterdam facebook page a few days later, I should have put my name on it... //  from where I stand with my lunch. yes, only fruit. because I knew I was going to have a massive piece of cake later that afternoon. yumm! // with my friends Irene and Eline. we went to Antwerp on monday to shop and had the best day together. ♥ // Eline & I // my hangover look, the day after Kingsday // eating this massive piece of delicious cake with my cousin Anna at Tea Lab. best cake ever! I know Anna her whole life, we're family, but we never spent much time together. untill a while ago. and it felt so good and natural, we see eachother a lot now // selfie! right before Neomie's birthday party on saturday // and another birthday: Marinke turning 30 on sunday, hurray! // after all those birthdays, shopping sprees and cakes I'm already out of money, and payday is far away. so Daisy and I went for 'the 4 o'clock' at Hema, a tea or small coffee and a little piece of cake for 1 euro, every day from... right.. 4 o'clock :) // tuesday was the last day at Roels house. we are living together for about 8 months now, but his old studio was still in his name. it was time to let it go, start a new chapter. so we said goodbye to the place we first kissed, where we first woke up together, the place where our love started. and now we ófficially live together, yaaay! // cute socks, right? :)

So, how was your week? And what are your plans this weekend? Have a good one!

woensdag 7 mei 2014


black dress (with a twist) - H&M trend, cut-out boots, socks, canvas bag and sunnies - H&M

'Curve: the loveliest distance between two points'
- Mae West

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zaterdag 3 mei 2014


The Oranjebitter Festival was the place to be for the last 5 years during the Queensday festivities. This year was the first Kingsday, and Oranjebitter expanded it's festival: 2 days of fun and concerts! We only went on Saturday, and although every year I think this time cannot top the year before, it always does. This year no exception!
O, what a night!

donderdag 1 mei 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
sweater - Monki, skirt - Monki, brogues - Sacha

What happens when Gijssie interferes with my outfit shoot? We just go along with it! Cute prop, right? 
These brogues are like the oldest shoes I have in my closet, I guess I can call them vintage by now... But the worn out black colour of my brogues goes well with this grey knitted sweater. And the combination with my marble printed skirt was one I made up in my head as soon as I bought it. I just had to wait 'till the temperature dropped a bit. Wait, what? Did I really say I was waiting for it to be colder? I guess I did. Everything for fashion, right? 
For now: let the sun shine! My summer dresses are waiting... ;)