donderdag 29 mei 2014


Ph: Tara Stokdijk
dress - H&M trend, sandals - Forever 21, necklace - H&M

This is the outfit I wore to the Ilovefashionbloggers Q&A. 2 months ago I went to a burlesque party and I hád to have this dress. The day after I kind of regretted my impulsivity: A great dress, but am I gonna wear it again?
I did, and I will again! Like I told you before (HERE) I'm not afraid to be a little overdressed from time to time!
And how do you like my new sandals? I bought them at Forever 21 in Antwerp. No endless lines, like in Amsterdam, and Antwerp is just as far from Rotterdam! I love these sandals, 'cause they're chic and casual at the same time!

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