donderdag 1 mei 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
sweater - Monki, skirt - Monki, brogues - Sacha

What happens when Gijssie interferes with my outfit shoot? We just go along with it! Cute prop, right? 
These brogues are like the oldest shoes I have in my closet, I guess I can call them vintage by now... But the worn out black colour of my brogues goes well with this grey knitted sweater. And the combination with my marble printed skirt was one I made up in my head as soon as I bought it. I just had to wait 'till the temperature dropped a bit. Wait, what? Did I really say I was waiting for it to be colder? I guess I did. Everything for fashion, right? 
For now: let the sun shine! My summer dresses are waiting... ;)

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