donderdag 22 mei 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
dress - Monki, sandals - Birkenstock, canvas bag - H&M, sunglasses - Ale Hop

Last sunday was one of those crazy hot days. Time for some sandals and a easy summerdress. I love the acid print of this one. It looks like denim, but it isn't. And maybe that the problem with it at the same time: It was the second time I wore it and found out this material does not bode well for my figure...
But then there's always a filter! Don't you love this dark shade of black and white? I love it how it makes the clouds look so impressive, and how it captures the hotness of the day. And it goes well with the black and white of the zebra. I think it's my new favourite. 
And thn my hair. I'm experimenting with my hairdo a little, because I want to grow my bangs. It's the first time I wore my hair like this. How do you like it? 

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