zaterdag 10 mei 2014


Hey guys! Time for a new instadiary. May started, one of my favourite months of the year! Long days, full of friends and fun! What I was up to last week (and a half):

going out for dinner with le bf on payday. the new Burger Trut location is one of our fave restaurants at the moment. the B.A.D. (bacon, apple, danish cheese) rocks! and that Wostok drink is very, very tasty as well // this is a quick snapshot from the tram. amazing right? my picture was mentioned on a Rotterdam facebook page a few days later, I should have put my name on it... //  from where I stand with my lunch. yes, only fruit. because I knew I was going to have a massive piece of cake later that afternoon. yumm! // with my friends Irene and Eline. we went to Antwerp on monday to shop and had the best day together. ♥ // Eline & I // my hangover look, the day after Kingsday // eating this massive piece of delicious cake with my cousin Anna at Tea Lab. best cake ever! I know Anna her whole life, we're family, but we never spent much time together. untill a while ago. and it felt so good and natural, we see eachother a lot now // selfie! right before Neomie's birthday party on saturday // and another birthday: Marinke turning 30 on sunday, hurray! // after all those birthdays, shopping sprees and cakes I'm already out of money, and payday is far away. so Daisy and I went for 'the 4 o'clock' at Hema, a tea or small coffee and a little piece of cake for 1 euro, every day from... right.. 4 o'clock :) // tuesday was the last day at Roels house. we are living together for about 8 months now, but his old studio was still in his name. it was time to let it go, start a new chapter. so we said goodbye to the place we first kissed, where we first woke up together, the place where our love started. and now we ├│fficially live together, yaaay! // cute socks, right? :)

So, how was your week? And what are your plans this weekend? Have a good one!

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