woensdag 29 januari 2014


sweater - H&M trend

A dark blue sweater with sheer sleeves, I'm in love. And a fresh hair cut!

My mom is in Holland for a few days and today I'm meeting her for lunch in Utrecht. And if the weather allows it she'll take some pics for the blog as well!
So, what to wear? ;)

zondag 26 januari 2014


Good morning! Are you ready for a new diary? While tout le monde is going to the Amsterdam Fashion Week or the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Roel and I are busy painting the walls of our bedroom and laying laminate on the floor... But hopefully the result is worth it!

So what are you looking at?

me and my stepsisters baby Luca. seeing him for the first time and he's already 4 months old. little buttercup! // on my wishlist and hopefully mine before march 1rst. me and my girls are going to a burlesque-ish party then and I think this dress is great for the occasion! // having lunch with my handsome bf at Boudewijn on wednesday, the place we had our first date over 26 months ago ♥ // wisdom // I nééd this cat sweater in my life! // specialty beers at Stalles on wednesdaynight with Roels friend Paul and his new girlfriend. very nice to meet her! // how perfect is this? from 'Kids dressed better than you' via NSMBL (which is one of my favourite websites btw!) // and Irene and I at the IFFR last thursday. took her out for dinner for her birthday and saw my first filmfestival film of the season. more to come next week! I really love IFFR, the films ánd the parties, it always feels like spring is ahead, the start of the festival season!

Have a nice Sunday, guys!

donderdag 23 januari 2014


coat - River Island, blouse - Monki, shorts - H&M divided, boots - H&M

Yesterday I planned on shooting pictures in my beloved and relatively new red coat. But it was so cold I could hardly stand it! Let alone my man behind the camera! So here are some quick shots of very old high waist denim shorts and a new sheer white blouse and yes, my red coat.
I'm counting the days to better weather (which means better pictures, or at least more fun while taking 'm!). Is there something like blue Thursday as well? Feels like it!

Have a nice day, anyway! ;)

dinsdag 21 januari 2014


It's a little while ago, but December 21 my friend Daisy and I went to the Christmas edition of the Swan Market. Not (only) to shop, but to sell. Daisy had her own KoekieMONSTERS booth and I joined her during the day. 

zondag 19 januari 2014


First of all a very happy birthday to one of my best and oldest friends Desiree! Hurray!

Then, my instadiary, last week in pictures. I'm still coughing myself a rib contusion, blugh, so I'm sleeping as much as I can and every day a smoothie for breakfast! Really hope I will feel better soon....
So, what are you looking at?

wednesday my man took me out for lunch at Vlaamsch Broodhuys. we had a mix of everything, it was spectacular! // yesterday I visited Desiree for her birthday, and cuddled a lot with her little boy Felix. I still have to get used to the fact that my bestie is a mom now. a real mom! but this boy is the cutest thing alive. // monday I had a date with Daisy. I surprised her with a pizza nutella from Happy Italy for dessert, not knowing she prepared pizzarette. perfect match! // ring party // from where I stand, last sunny Sunday afternoon. still so in love with this red coat! // Kate Moss was turning 40 last week. love this picture of her being so young and cute // beautiful skies in Rotterdam last thursday! Roel made this picture from his office, such a bright rainbow! // Gijssie, relaxing on saturdaynight ♥

vrijdag 17 januari 2014


Ph: R. van Tienen
Top - H&M trend, skirt - H&M trend, rings - H&M

When I saw this top and skirt at the latest H&M campaign it was on top of my wishlist right away. A week later it came in with the mail and I can not be happier with it. Another pencil skirt - I love pencil skirt like you can see here and here - and a matching top. A cropped top. Who would have thought I'd ever fit a cropped top with this body? This suite made it possible! A save black top underneath ofcourse, what who knows what summer brings? Maybe a tanned, bare midriff!

Enjoy Friday, guys!

donderdag 16 januari 2014


My name is Eline and I’m one of the guestbloggers on the blog of my good friend Linda. Over the years I’ve collected images on the internet. Images which inspire me on my personal style, home decoration, delicious recipes en words that touch me. I’m a pinahololic you can say. Pinterest is the perfect platform for me to collect all my inspiration. My own moodboards inspire me every day. From now on I will share the pictures and words that inspired me on pinterest and a lot of blogs in a monthly item. So Flowerchild is my personal platform to share these beautiful images with you. I hope you’ll enjoy and most of all get inspired! 

New year , new beginnings,

All around the fashion, food, interior and lifestyle blogs you’ll find visionboards for 2014 or new years resolutions posts. And hé, why not follow that example? My visionboard is kind of different. It’s not filled with pictures but filled with words. Besides pictures I really get inspired by words. Wise words, funny words, confrontating words, comforting words.. I’ll suck it up. Yes I’m a word lover. I love to read books, papers, magazines... everything with words on it. My favorite word is ‘liefde’ (Dutch for love). I love the word so much en it means so much to me that I recently got it tattood on my body.

The words or sentences on my visionboards reflect what my goals are for 2014 and they reflect what I have to keep in mind during this year. I’ll hope they will inspire you too!

- Lien


1. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/50595195788069334/
2. 2014 : jaclynpage.tumblr.com
3. Thegoodvibe.co
4. http://www.pinterest.com/gutstocomm/
5. Stilinspiration.blogspot.com
6. Thegoodvibe.co
7. Ilove2banggg.tumblr.com
8. Go-omine.tumblr.com
9. Mostexerent.tumblr.com

maandag 13 januari 2014


The fact that photography is a form of art isn't something I doubt about. It maybe is one of the artforms I like most. Cameron Davis is a famous and beloved photgrapher who turns nudity into a piece of art. Girls in all shapes and sizes and from all origins are willing to takes their clothes of for this man. His photos balance on the edge of tasteful, but shooting a photo of a womans vagina in full focus without it being trashy is what makes him an artist, I guess.

From his website: 
'Cameron Davis is Photographer, Cinematographer and Creative Director. Cameron Davis has been shooting as a professional photographer since he was 18 years old working in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Paris. Blending multiple styles and multiple elements he is able to capture his images with a one of kind eye and truly unique perspective.
Published in various magazines throughout the world, from Australia to Brazil. Cameron’s work can be seen in Purple Fashion Magazine, Treats! Magazine, Modo Magazine, Vaga Magazine, VAR Magazine, Carne Magazine, C-Heads Magazine, S Magazine and more. Cameron launched his first solo exhibition in New York City and Los Angeles called “What They Don’t See” in 2013.'

So, what are your thoughts? Great artist or dirty old man? 

Happy Monday! 

zondag 12 januari 2014


So here's to my first diary of the year!
What you're looking at: 
beautiful pink skies early in the morning. it was light when I go out in the morning for the first time this season. yaaay, spring is coming! // the I love Fashionbloggers drink at BoCinq on wednesday. it was so much fun! and it was amazing to meet all those fellow bloggers! hope to see you all soon! ♥ // being on the Swanmarket with my friend Diasy selling her 'Koekiemonsters' dog snacks! I made a lot of pictures there, so I will soon dedicate a post to the Swan. // yummie dessert I made. blueberrie icecreams and oreo's, mmm! // from where I stand. love my new sneakers! // the cutest little cat ring, my friends Eline and Irene gave it to me as a christmas present. // veggie burgers at Burgertrut during a dinner-and-a-movie date with my man. saw The Hobbit after it, awesome! // what I was wearing to my works new years party. theme: futuristic silver. 

Have a nice Sunday y'all! 


vrijdag 10 januari 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
skirt - H&M trend, top - Zara, denim vest - Monki

How to combine a floral pencil skirt?
I tried and I tried... Bought the matching top, which made me look ridiculous. Brought it back. Tried a black blazer, which was nice but a bit too dressy. And then I had it: my beloved oversized black denim vest. You like it? (I do!)

dinsdag 7 januari 2014


Ph: All pictures belong to the Bohemian Chic blog

Her outfit pictures are dead simple. Just like her style. But it's just always right.
I'm talking about Romy, founder of  Bohemian Chic. She's a blogger for Creators of Desire. She shares with us her bohemian lifestyle and I think she really does justice to her blog's name.

She's created a style which consists of the combination of second hand and vintage treasures, designer clothes and high street fashion in the mix with item she bought on one of her many trips.

'Cause travelling she does. A lot. Italy, Morocco and her 6 months travel across Asia. And she let us takes the ride with her. Her blog is full of beautiful pictures of nature. Countries and their people. Animals. She knows very well how to capture the atmosphere and the culture of a place.

And the inspiration posts... I'm in love with her inspiration posts! I think 70% of my inspiration folder I got from Bohemian Chic. When I scroll through it, it always feels like a hot summer eve!

Besides her outfits, travels and inspiration Romy shares little picture diaries, with pictures of her cozy home, festivals she went to or some of her latest purchases.

Her blog is a real source of inspiration for me. I hope I made you curious enough to check it out! You don't wanna miss out on this one...

maandag 6 januari 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen
dress - Monki, vest - H&M divided, sneakers - New Balance

Although the weather man is telling us it's too warm for the time of the year, I'm done with winter! Those short and dark days! This weekend I STILL felt a little hangover from NYE (that's what's happens when you have to work on January 2nd...) and I slept late. Hardly saw any daylight, 'cause it's dark so early. Blugh!
This new shirt dress I bought at the Monki sale a few weeks ago. The 'easy does it' kind of dress, you know I'm a big fan of that. And we all can use some flowers on dark days like this, right?

Wednesdaynight I will be at the 'I love Fashionbloggers' new year drink. Who's joining?

zaterdag 4 januari 2014


Normally I'm not into resolutions for new year... But this year there are a lot of thing I want to change in my life. So why not start fresh in 2014?
5 things I hope to accomplish in the 365 days that are coming up:

1. Eat less meat.
A couple of weeks ago I was watching this TV show and a top chef gave a lecture about meat. They called it 'a culinary ode to the cow'. And I was surprised about the respect he had for the cow and her meat. It touched me, and made me realize I think to lightly about eating it. We only need meat like 2 times a week or so, and I eat it almost every day. Right then and there I decited to eat no meat (or fish) for at least one day a week. When I eat meat I want to be conscious about it, really enjoy it. And skip all 'unnecessary' meat. Besides the vegetarian day, I'm not eating meat with my bread for lunch anymore.

2. Exercise more and eat healthier and steadier.
Yeah, that's a big cliche. But it's necessary. I'm a lazy ass. And in a year time I gain a few pound, lost a lot when I got sick in Colombia, gain a bit, lost a little and the last 2 months I gain so much my weight is now higher than ever..! When I tried on my favourite little black dress for Christmas, I looked like a roast. And that's no joke. So a change must come. So I'm changing my eating habits. Less candy, more fruit. Eat something every 3 hours, instead of starving myself and then eating myself sick. Drink a lot of water and green tea. Get myself a new bike (and use it!!). I might even become a member of the gym! And I will be slim and slender when summer arrives and I will shine in my LBD again!

3. Pay more attention to my loved ones and less to my phone.
My phone is like glued to my hand. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Bloglovin', Wordfeud, the news... Addicted. Even when my friends are over, or when I share some quality time with my boyfriend.
I don't want that anymore. When I spent time with my loved ones, I want them to have my full attention. Period.

4. Save up enough money for a big trip.
Our journey through South-America was super amazing, and we want to do it again! This time we want to travel across Asia for a few months. Our plan is to save up enough money to leave in the last week of 2014. Both Roels and mine work contract will expire around that time, so it's the perfect opportunity to leave again and get lost in another world! So 2014 will be about making plans, saving money and looking forward to a new adventure.

5. Have a lot of fun!
Ofcourse our journey through South-America was amazing (see point 4), but I missed out on all the fun at home last summer! I left during Spring and came back when fall was starting... This summer I want to catch up on all the awesomeness my own city has to offer. So I will enjoy as much festivals, parties, BBQ's in the park and drinks in the sun as possible!
But also, be more creative. Give myself the time and space to write more and draw more, create things. I used to write a weekly column for a Rotterdam internetmagazine years ago and I loved to do that! And I used make collages with fashion photos from ELLE and texts I loved and frame them. Cook, photograph, standing in front of my closet and just combine the weirdest things together.. I want to spent more time doing the things I love!
O, and Holland will win the soccer World Cup! Just so you know. ;)

2014, bring it on! Let's make it a year to remember!

vrijdag 3 januari 2014


It was a good one! Luxury, fireworks, a glittery dress, too much cava... everything I want for a NYE!
Thanks handsome, for sharing this amazing hotel room with me on the last (or the first?) night of the year! And thanks hunny Daisy, for letting us in when we unexpectedly came to invade the feast! ;) LOVE!

woensdag 1 januari 2014

RECAP || OOTD 12/2013

December was about going from blond to brown. About new stuff. About looking for moments and places to shoot, 'cause it's dark so early! About knits and coats, and a lot of gray and black.
But we left the darkest hours behind in 2013, I'm up for a new year, a new spring and a lot of new looks!
Happy 2014!


I wish you all a 2014 full of romance, fun, passion, love, friendship, adventures, fashion, creativity, succes and satisfaction and all that in good health! May all your dreams come true!