dinsdag 7 januari 2014


Ph: All pictures belong to the Bohemian Chic blog

Her outfit pictures are dead simple. Just like her style. But it's just always right.
I'm talking about Romy, founder of  Bohemian Chic. She's a blogger for Creators of Desire. She shares with us her bohemian lifestyle and I think she really does justice to her blog's name.

She's created a style which consists of the combination of second hand and vintage treasures, designer clothes and high street fashion in the mix with item she bought on one of her many trips.

'Cause travelling she does. A lot. Italy, Morocco and her 6 months travel across Asia. And she let us takes the ride with her. Her blog is full of beautiful pictures of nature. Countries and their people. Animals. She knows very well how to capture the atmosphere and the culture of a place.

And the inspiration posts... I'm in love with her inspiration posts! I think 70% of my inspiration folder I got from Bohemian Chic. When I scroll through it, it always feels like a hot summer eve!

Besides her outfits, travels and inspiration Romy shares little picture diaries, with pictures of her cozy home, festivals she went to or some of her latest purchases.

Her blog is a real source of inspiration for me. I hope I made you curious enough to check it out! You don't wanna miss out on this one...

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  1. Wauw, je hebt gelijk! Haar foto's zijn prachtig!




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