zondag 26 januari 2014


Good morning! Are you ready for a new diary? While tout le monde is going to the Amsterdam Fashion Week or the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Roel and I are busy painting the walls of our bedroom and laying laminate on the floor... But hopefully the result is worth it!

So what are you looking at?

me and my stepsisters baby Luca. seeing him for the first time and he's already 4 months old. little buttercup! // on my wishlist and hopefully mine before march 1rst. me and my girls are going to a burlesque-ish party then and I think this dress is great for the occasion! // having lunch with my handsome bf at Boudewijn on wednesday, the place we had our first date over 26 months ago ♥ // wisdom // I nééd this cat sweater in my life! // specialty beers at Stalles on wednesdaynight with Roels friend Paul and his new girlfriend. very nice to meet her! // how perfect is this? from 'Kids dressed better than you' via NSMBL (which is one of my favourite websites btw!) // and Irene and I at the IFFR last thursday. took her out for dinner for her birthday and saw my first filmfestival film of the season. more to come next week! I really love IFFR, the films ánd the parties, it always feels like spring is ahead, the start of the festival season!

Have a nice Sunday, guys!

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