dinsdag 21 januari 2014


It's a little while ago, but December 21 my friend Daisy and I went to the Christmas edition of the Swan Market. Not (only) to shop, but to sell. Daisy had her own KoekieMONSTERS booth and I joined her during the day. 

Swan Market started out as a little arty do-it-yourself market in the space of vacant retail in Rotterdam-North, but has grown into what now is the biggest lifestyle market in the area. In the cold but cozy 'Fenixloodsen' in Rotterdam-South Swan Market came with a diverse and creative selection of fashion, jewelry, vintage, art, food and so much more. It was great to be a part of it! 
Daisy and I arrive early in the morning. We got a ride from Dani, photographer and jewelry artist, who we share the booth with. We started out with the display, searching for the best way to show off Daisy's specialty: 'kipcakes' (cupcakes with organic chicken, a real treat for your dog!). Besides the cakes Daisy brought a lot of promotion material. Postcards of her amazing photoshoot - in 50's style and with a lot of picky dogs -, cool logo stickers and businesscards. And we want to display it all....

 ... and after that it's time for COFFEE! :) ...

...and take a peek at the booth of our neighbors.
Dani Hefter, who we share the booth with and who makes amazing jewelry from glass and the boys from Golden Flokes, a fashion webshop ... 

... in the course of the afternoon it's time for something to eat. And there's enough! Outside it's full of eateries, most of 'm organic. I go for the colourful spelled pasta, which is very yummy!

When Roel arrives, I leave Daisy behind for a while for some shopping. I bought my new New Balance sneakers at a vintage booth. They're never worn, but it's an old style, and that's just what I love about it.
Some other booths:

... and then back to my darling Daisy! We're pleased with how much we've sold this very first time, and Daisy sure created brand awareness.
The next Swan Market is on April 21, at Museum Park. Maybe we'll be there again!

To read more about KoekieMONSTERS, the Society of picky dogs, click here.
And if you wanna read more about the Swan, go here.

See you next time!

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