zondag 12 januari 2014


So here's to my first diary of the year!
What you're looking at: 
beautiful pink skies early in the morning. it was light when I go out in the morning for the first time this season. yaaay, spring is coming! // the I love Fashionbloggers drink at BoCinq on wednesday. it was so much fun! and it was amazing to meet all those fellow bloggers! hope to see you all soon! ♥ // being on the Swanmarket with my friend Diasy selling her 'Koekiemonsters' dog snacks! I made a lot of pictures there, so I will soon dedicate a post to the Swan. // yummie dessert I made. blueberrie icecreams and oreo's, mmm! // from where I stand. love my new sneakers! // the cutest little cat ring, my friends Eline and Irene gave it to me as a christmas present. // veggie burgers at Burgertrut during a dinner-and-a-movie date with my man. saw The Hobbit after it, awesome! // what I was wearing to my works new years party. theme: futuristic silver. 

Have a nice Sunday y'all! 


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  1. Awesome pictures ;) It is a nice view of your sunday!
    xx May


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