zaterdag 4 januari 2014


Normally I'm not into resolutions for new year... But this year there are a lot of thing I want to change in my life. So why not start fresh in 2014?
5 things I hope to accomplish in the 365 days that are coming up:

1. Eat less meat.
A couple of weeks ago I was watching this TV show and a top chef gave a lecture about meat. They called it 'a culinary ode to the cow'. And I was surprised about the respect he had for the cow and her meat. It touched me, and made me realize I think to lightly about eating it. We only need meat like 2 times a week or so, and I eat it almost every day. Right then and there I decited to eat no meat (or fish) for at least one day a week. When I eat meat I want to be conscious about it, really enjoy it. And skip all 'unnecessary' meat. Besides the vegetarian day, I'm not eating meat with my bread for lunch anymore.

2. Exercise more and eat healthier and steadier.
Yeah, that's a big cliche. But it's necessary. I'm a lazy ass. And in a year time I gain a few pound, lost a lot when I got sick in Colombia, gain a bit, lost a little and the last 2 months I gain so much my weight is now higher than ever..! When I tried on my favourite little black dress for Christmas, I looked like a roast. And that's no joke. So a change must come. So I'm changing my eating habits. Less candy, more fruit. Eat something every 3 hours, instead of starving myself and then eating myself sick. Drink a lot of water and green tea. Get myself a new bike (and use it!!). I might even become a member of the gym! And I will be slim and slender when summer arrives and I will shine in my LBD again!

3. Pay more attention to my loved ones and less to my phone.
My phone is like glued to my hand. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Bloglovin', Wordfeud, the news... Addicted. Even when my friends are over, or when I share some quality time with my boyfriend.
I don't want that anymore. When I spent time with my loved ones, I want them to have my full attention. Period.

4. Save up enough money for a big trip.
Our journey through South-America was super amazing, and we want to do it again! This time we want to travel across Asia for a few months. Our plan is to save up enough money to leave in the last week of 2014. Both Roels and mine work contract will expire around that time, so it's the perfect opportunity to leave again and get lost in another world! So 2014 will be about making plans, saving money and looking forward to a new adventure.

5. Have a lot of fun!
Ofcourse our journey through South-America was amazing (see point 4), but I missed out on all the fun at home last summer! I left during Spring and came back when fall was starting... This summer I want to catch up on all the awesomeness my own city has to offer. So I will enjoy as much festivals, parties, BBQ's in the park and drinks in the sun as possible!
But also, be more creative. Give myself the time and space to write more and draw more, create things. I used to write a weekly column for a Rotterdam internetmagazine years ago and I loved to do that! And I used make collages with fashion photos from ELLE and texts I loved and frame them. Cook, photograph, standing in front of my closet and just combine the weirdest things together.. I want to spent more time doing the things I love!
O, and Holland will win the soccer World Cup! Just so you know. ;)

2014, bring it on! Let's make it a year to remember!

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