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My name is Eline and I’m one of the guestbloggers on the blog of my good friend Linda. Over the years I’ve collected images on the internet. Images which inspire me on my personal style, home decoration, delicious recipes en words that touch me. I’m a pinahololic you can say. Pinterest is the perfect platform for me to collect all my inspiration. My own moodboards inspire me every day. From now on I will share the pictures and words that inspired me on pinterest and a lot of blogs in a monthly item. So Flowerchild is my personal platform to share these beautiful images with you. I hope you’ll enjoy and most of all get inspired! 

Effortless comfyness 

Lately I have an object in mind: The backpack. Suddenly I see them everywhere! That's how it goes sometimes, your eye falls on something, you get inspired... by backs and packs... and hey... a new moodboard theme is born! When I was a teenager I had an oldskool Eastpack backpack to carry my schoolbooks with me, but when I grew older the shoppers and tote bags came into my life. A bit more stylish, but also way less comfortable actually. There’s always one shoulder that lifts all the weight... But now with all these beautiful leather or suede backpacks there is a way to combine style and comfort when it comes to bags. Well actually, not only with bags, I see it everywhere in fashionland: the combination of style and comfort. Is it just me or is it because fashion is getting more and more comfy.. ? Maybe it's because I’m just getting old and there is an unconscious desire in me to no longer need those heels of 10 cm... ;-) Ok, me getting old is a fact, but also in my opinion there’s a comeback of an effortless comfyness (don’t know if that’s a word but you’ll understand!) in fashion. For example, look at the new silhouettes on the editorials. Sexy, feminin but oversized and loose fits, mostly combined with flat shoes or Birckenstocks sandals and even the Nike running shoes. It’s also the year of the flat and comfortable shoe (here). I have some killer heels in my closet, but they are getting dusty for two seasons already, from just standing there. Nowadays I choose my nike running shoes over the heels and when I see all these beauties of bags, I think when it comes to choosing a new bag for this season I’m gonna choose ‘effortless comfyness’, but beauty also. How about you?

- Lien

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