dinsdag 29 april 2014


Ph: Le Blog de Betty

Today's blogger crush is about Betty from Le Blog de Betty. The funny thing is that I found out about this girl by another blogger-crush-post Lucy from Lovely by Lucy wrote years ago. Still thankful, 'cause I love this girl! Betty is the perfect example of a parisienne: Stylish, feminine. Sexy in a cute way. And everything seems to fit her right. A latex skirt or the cutest white dress. All black or outfits full of colour. Heartshaped sunnies, flowercrowns. Hats, cropped tops and dungerees...

.... But what makes Betty's blog stand out between all those others is that she shares with us a part of her daily life. And what a life she lives! The parties, the festivals, the shows, the travels... Betty and hubby Mathieu (a blogger as well!) are based in Paris, got married in Las Vegas and travel all around the world on invite. They visit events together, party hard and sit front row at fashion shows all around the world. And all that is shared on Betty's blog, her posts are the perfect mix of outfit pics, pretty places, and holiday snapshots.

Mathieu about Betty on his blog (quoted from Teen Vogue) :

"With her messy bangs and carefree style-sense, Betty Autier is the quintessential French cool girl at its best. She has an eye for making Topshop and ASOS finds looks like a million bucks and seamlessly incorporates high-end designer pieces into her everyday wardrobe – a true feat for any fashionista. Here, she reveals some of her secrets to achieving that certain je ne sais quoi outfit factor that Parisian trendsetters do so well."

And the great thing is, just when I was ready to publish this article, Betty launged her new blog. So now there's an even more professional and orderly way to enjoy Betty's looks, travels and her unconditional love for food. Those donut and macaron pictures... they make my mouth water!
So Le Blog de Betty is definitely worth your visit! Enjoy, and get inspired!

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  1. she is my fav fav fav blogger of all. Love her style and her personality!!
    Nice post


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