maandag 16 september 2013


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dress - H&M trend, earrings - a gift, rings - H&M

It has hardly been 2 weeks since we came home after 4 months of travelling across South-America. We had the time of our lives, it was more amazing than words can tell! Our next challenge is to get used to the 'normal' life in the Netherlands again. And that challenge started immediately! We arrived on Monday, I had to work my first day at the new job on Thursday, my beau moved in on Friday. And Saturday it was my birthday. My 30th birthday, so not a day to let pass without notice... Party, yaaay!
And today the launch of my new blog. In Colombia the thought came into my head that I wanted to have more than my old 'Straatstijl' blog. I wanted more than show you daily outfits. There still will be a lot of fashion, 'cause that's what I love. But I want to give you a peek inside my personal life, show you the best places in the city where I am born and raised (Rotterdam!), share my other interests with you like travel and art and be a platform for other people to share their dreams, their passions, their opinions as a guestwriter or with an interview.
Today we start off with an OOTD - my birthday outfit. 30 is awesome! and yes, I love to walk on bare feet when I'm in the house all day - and a big 'Yaaay'. I hope you will like the blog and enjoy reading as much as I do writing. And feel just as excited as me for all there's to come!

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