zaterdag 28 september 2013


It's possibly the most beautiful place on earth: Isla del Sol. It's an island in Lake Titicaca, in the north of Bolivia.
 It's near Copacabana, this small and cozy town is worth a visit as well. In one of the wooden houses at the shore of 'Copa' you can buy a boat ticket to Isla del Sol. The boat leaves 2 times a day, the trip takes about an hour. The boat trip is beautiful already, you sail across uninhabited islands with the white tops of the Andes in the distance. Unreal!
And then there's Isla del Sol. As soon as you step off the boat it's like you go back in time. The roads consist of Inca steps, stairs of more than 500 years old. While going up you come across the people who lived here their whole life. Traditional dressed people, men who herd their lama's, women who climb the stairs faster than you in ballerina flats with a bright colored sack on their back full of knits and woven fabrics. A donky road block! 
The people are modest and kind. You can buy their home made sourvenirs, eat at the little home restaurants or sleep at the very cheap, but wonderful hostels. Make sure you reach the top before sunset, the view is amazing!   
You can go around the island in a day, there are tours that take just an hour even. But I recomment to stay at least a night, if only for the sunrise the next morning! It's a perfect place to take your rest, psysically it takes a lot because of the Inca stairs, but it's worth every step. The atmosphere is quite and kind, life's easy here. It's cold, especially at night, but it's the island of sun and the sun always shines. 
Summarized, this place is easy to reach, it has natures best, a breathtaking view, the people are friendly and the feeling is great. Easy like Sunday morning. So if you're planning on visiting Bolivia (or the south of Peru), make sure Isla del Sol is on top of your list.  


For more information about Copacabana, Isla del Sol, the boat trip, eating and/or sleeping, contact me on or check out the Lonely Planet!

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