vrijdag 20 september 2013


Ph: Roel
sweater - H&M trend, shorts - H&M divided, boots - H&M trend, bag - Zara, sunnies - H&M

Life looks so much better in the light of sunshine. Bare legs, having lunch in the sun...  It seems like the day I shoot this outfit was the last day I could show off my Caribbean-coast-tanned legs. Now rain is pouring for days in row and it's even harder to get used to my new life. I miss the freedom of travelling around, go where I want to go and sleep late whenever I want to! But the bright side is I have full access to my own closet now, and to the H&M trend fall collection, where I got this cool cow printed sweater ├índ these amazing cut-out boots! O yeah, I love 'm so bad I want to wear 'm everyday! With tights, with socks, or better: bare legs. And well, the weather forecast promisses us a sunny weekend. Let's hope for a wonderful indian summer!

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