dinsdag 24 september 2013


dress - H&M trend, earrings - H&M

When I'm free from work I love to sleep late, even 'till noon when I have the chance! Wake up slowly, scrolling through Instagram, looking at some blogs, read the news ... When I have the luxury to have my boyfriend home with me as well I prepare us a tasty breakfast/brunch/lunch - how do you call it when you get out of bed at 1 PM? - I try to make something healthy and original everytime. Most of the days I go out after that. To meet a friend, or shop, or do something for the blog. But sometimes there's nothing. No plans. No obligations. No arrangements. Just a late afternoon, some tea, me and the couch. And Comedy Central (I LOVE!! South Park) or a magazine (ELLE's September issue, can't get enough of that!). I find that the ultimate relaxation.

What's your chill mode?

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