vrijdag 27 september 2013


I'm planning on posting a weekly picture diary here on the blog every Friday. Well, I'm already a week behind, the way it always goes with me and plans. So this one's full of pictures starting on the day we came back in Holland.

What are you looking at?

arriving at Schiphol Airport, I'm in tears as soon as I see my family and friends // walking home after my first day at work. beautiful weather, beautiful city // reunited with Levi, love of my life! // blowing candles on my 30th birthday. that's an amazing cake, isn't? my friend Neomie made it for me, so gratefull! // september 10th one of my best friends gave birth to this beautiful baby boy. his name is Felix and I'm in love. a new life, so close... it's something very special // gijssie! the cats are happy to be home and we're glad to have 'm around ♡ // Daisy and I at festival Wereld van de Witte de With Kwartier. I'll tell you more about this festival next week! // autumn or indian summer? sun and rain are taking turns these days. don't like the rain - who does? - but it sure gives nice pictures // visiting my family in Nijmegen last weekend, these are my brother and sis-in-laws new roommates.. cuties!


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