My Instagram snapshots from last week. So, what are you looking at?

Twiggy and me ♥ // Primark fluffy socks for chilly autumn nights // The Hague // selfie :) // and another one! // blue dress, blue socks. and on the day I was wearing it Sabrina from Afterdrk posted an outfit on her blog with blue socks and cut-out boots also! I posted this picture on Insta and Sabrina commented: 'Cute!'. Yeaah! I'm such a groupie... // on brothers- and sistersday I posted this picture. I think it's from 2007, long time ago, but it's my favourite from the 5 of us: my 2 stepsisters, my stepbrother, my biological brother and me // walking home from work on a beautiful day. Delfshaven is gorgeous! // on animal day I posted this picture of Gijssie & Twiggy, my babies! // after visiting the Tuesday-market I had a house full of flowers. love it! // from where I stand in this awesome outfit and the cutest baby-pineapple. yes, that's their official name: baby-pineapple.

Happy weekend, babes!

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