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Last week I was very excited to find out I was invited to the press opening of the new Weekday & Monki and the H&M flagship store in Rotterdam on Wednesday! The largest H&M in Europe, and an exclusive party, all in my hometown, I hád to be there! If you follow my blog, you know I'm a huge Monki-fan and I adore the H&M trend collection. I'm not as familiar with Weekday (yet!), but I'm sure it's an enrichment to our shoppingcentre! And ok ok.. I think it's SO COOL that this huge flagship store stands in Rotterdam, and not in Amsterdam! *gin* (a little patriotism never hurt nobody, right?)
Besides all that, the opening night was very awesome as well. We had a warm welcome, with a happy clapping crew, champagne, a goodiebag and a varied act. Which I couldn't see at all, so I tried to get something out of it by looking at Rowan's camera screen. ;)
And then it was time to shop! 20% off, o yeah! Andy, from Style Scrapbook, made her debut as a DJ, which was amazing! And I was so happy to see that there's a H&M home in the building as well. I'm a fan, a big one!
I'm one of the lucky few that lives just 20 minutes away from this paradise, so I guess you will find me there a lot. But it was great to be part of this night as well, H&M, thanks for having me!

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