Ph: Roel van Tienen
dress - H&M trend, sneakers - New Balance, sunnies - H&M

Wednesday was the first day of October, and  my day off. A warm and sunny day. I think summer is making it up with us for all those rainy August-days! I love a good indian summer, it's asking for a lot of creativity in the way we dress. Too cold for sandals, but no sweater weather yet! I'm a big fan of the combination of a girly-girly dress, messy hair and sneakers. Since I'm on a strict shopping budget with our big trip coming up, I bought these New Balance beauties on sale. Last pair, but they fit like a glove. I think I can conquer this indian summer, upcoming autumn, a little bit of winter ánd 3 months of travelling in 'm. Perfect to stroll around town in the mix with a little black dress (yes, like today!) ánd great to climb a volcano!
But first, let's enjoy the weather of this great season, in my own dodgy neighborhood. Not so bad after all!

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