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Hee guys! Time is flying by, can't believe it's mid-November already! 5 more work weeks, I'm counting down the days! In the meantime all the fun things are rushing by as well. This is what you're looking at:

cake-welfie with Sanne! our last, last date! at least for 6 months... she's going to work in the French snow for the season. and you'd think we are used to saying goodbye by now.. she's a real wanderer, always in town for a few months and then off to another adventure (read about it here), but it doesn't work that way. we hugged and kissed eachother goodbye, and than went our own way in tears. sure am gonna miss her! // well, at least we had the best cake in town on our last date of 2014! red velvet cake and carrot cake from The Tealab, both very yummm! // selfie! I just discovered the picture app Piclab, like it! // Twiggy's portrait. Have you seen my Instagram post yesterday, where she's still a kitten? // Monday's are for chilling on the couch. and Grey's Anatomy! // preggo Irene and I on her babyshower at my place. it was nice to organize a surprise party, everything turned out right! now the big wait has started, I think she's giving birth on the 25th! ;) // this is one from 2 weeks ago, but I  had to share it! babysit Felix for a few hours during my vacation was the best! we went to the petting zoo. I LOVE animals, and I think he does too. and the weather was great, a sunny autumn day, perfect to go out with the little man! // Rotterdam in all her beauty // from where I stand on a rainy Sunday afternoon. hoodie, sweatpant, sneakers. yes!

So, what have you been up to?

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