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Cheers, it's weekend! What are you up to? I got some nice plans, involving a lot of my friends, but first I look back on last week(s). What are you looking at?  >

one from last summer I haven't shared yet. people often talk about my neighborhood as dodgy, and it is a little bit, but I love it here! // sweater weather selfie // last thurday Roel and I spent the night at a fancy hotel in our hometown Rotterdam. last Christmas I got a voucher as a present from work and we decided to use it now, since we got a week off from work last week. it was awesome, all that luxury! // a holiday healthy lunch // cuddling with Gijssie // my new goldies I bought in an impulse! Roel and I had an argument and I went downtown angry... not a good idea, I came home with this pair of shoes I have mixed feelings about and I can't return them. oh oh  // bagel tapas with Sanne at Bagels and Beans. she's almost leaving for 6 months, boohooo :( // having gin-tonic with Marinke at Ballroom on Saturdaynight. yum! // bare legs on the first of November. the weather has gone mad! but I'm not complaining...

Have a good one, loves!

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