donderdag 25 september 2014


Happy Socks.

I have always been more of the wintery type than the summery type. When leaves start falling, my face starts smiling. It’s not that I hate sun or anything ‘vampiry’ like that. It’s just that I dislike sweating and I prefer winter fashion over summer fashion. Gotta love those warm knitted sweaters, long hooded cardigans, and fashionable coats that cover up my little love handles and upper arms. But more than anything, I hate to see feet. Especially other people’s feet. I really don’t see why people feel the urge to show their ugly feet to the world. Well, to show them to my world at least.
Yes, I wish that people would cover up their toes. Which is one of the reasons that I like socks so much. What, like? No, love. I love socks. Really, I do. I adore them. I know that it’s all hip and trendy now to wear those Happy Socks, especially when you’re a male business hot shot with Italian couture suits. But my love for socks is so much deeper than that.

Socks are wonderful. In their ability to cover up feet, they make the world a more beautiful place. And they’re the perfect way to release your inner child. Think about it; a good pair of socks turns every wooden floor into an amazing slide way. But there’s more. I am 30 years old, just bought a grown-up house and I have a busy full-time job. A grown-up life with grown-up responsibilities. We can all relate, right? People expect us to look representable and act professional. So what better way to start my grown-up day with a pair of Minnie Mouse socks on my feet? Winnie the Pooh socks are the ultimate way to kill a Monday morning depression. Or, if I really need a dose of happy energy, why not wear two different socks? I put my cheerful socked feet in elegant boots and get ready for a brand new professional day.

Wearing my melons and oranges socks, I feel like I can rule the world. Having a bad day at work? Who cares, I’m wearing my penguin socks! Stuck in traffic? Who cares, I’m wearing my Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs socks. Are people treating you like jerks? Who cares, I’m wearing my elephant socks! Flat tire? Who cares… Well, you get the point. It is my little happy secret in this grown-up world. Can you imagine how empowered I feel when wearing one lion sock and one Donald Duck sock! And hey, if I am feeling really bad, I can always go the toilet, take off my boots and stare at my socks for a little while.
Or, and I’m going to extremes now, buy a new pair of socks. A girl just can’t have enough socks. It’s like shoes, but affordable. Like comfort food, but without a fat ass. Being a femininely curved woman, fashion shopping can be a drag. Not with socks! Socks always fit. Socks will never remind you of that extra pound you gained. You’ll never need a larger size. Socks are just always there for you.

After confessing my love for socks to my friend yesterday, she said; But you can use underwear for that too, right? Wrong! Wearing Mickey Mouse socks gives you a nice little twisted edge when you’re in your thirties. Wearing cotton Smurfs underwear is just twisted when you’re in your thirties. And a bit scary. And unattractive. And if anyone thinks it is attractive… Well, that’s just even scarier.
So I am happy that summer is coming to an end and the season of socks is approaching. Go ahead. Call me a weirdo, a nut case, an idiot or a lunatic. Call me crazy, twisted, childish, or immature. But there is so much trouble in this world and I am just having a little fun. What can I say: Life’s too short for serious socks.

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