dinsdag 2 september 2014


Hey guys!
Here's another diary. My life in pictures, some pre-holiday, some post-holiday. This is what you are looking at:
my favorite summer outfit: a dressy skirt and flipflops. hope we'll have a great indian summer, so I can wear outfits like this a lot! // a tuesday date with Levi and his Plains hero Dusty. and his mom ofcourse ♥ // my new fast food sweater I bought in the Monki sale. fits me well. I love fast food! :) // at the wedding! // this super super super cool passport cover was a self made gift from Desiree. another treasure to take with me on my trip! // at a house nearby. awesome! // pre party selfie! can't get enough of the flowercrown... // vanilla skies // Roel and I at the wedding. wind and I don't go well huh, it always makes me look so stupid!

good morning selfie // funny greengrocer... it says 'everything for 1 euro, thanks to Poetin!' // the beautiful bride & groom ♥ // Gijssie! // Roel and I at the wedding party. my feet still hurt of all the dancing! // Twiggy! // a feather, fresh from the pigeon in front of me // from where I stand on a hungover sunday // homemade cake by the bride at the wedding... mmmmmmmm!!

So, what are you up to this week? I have to work an extra shift today, although I love my free Tuesdays so dearly! But... it's for a good cause! Friday Roel and I will take the big red train to Paris. Yeah! A surprise love trip to Paris, which I will tell you more about later.
Counting down the days....

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  1. Zo heerlijk he insta! Ben echt verslaafd hihi. Leuk een diary, zie ik meteen welke foto's ik gemist heb. Maar mijn oog valt weer op die lekkere red velvet hihi.. X Dani


    1. Och ik ook! Phone glued to my hand! :) Die taart was idd heerlijk, en ze had 'm ook nog zelf gemaakt! xxx


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