vrijdag 19 september 2014


A new year of my own personal style blog and I start it with a new topic. Not every friday, but every now & then I'll share a Friday Five. Today I kick off with 5 of my guilty pleasures:

1. Mc.Donald's

Yes. I know. It's bad. Everybody has told me that. Pictures of pink foam where chicken Mc.Nuggets are made off, hamburgers that survive for years. But. I don't care. I've got a blind spot when it come to Mc.Donalds. An unexpected milkshake when I have to wait for the tram. A simple hamburger on my way home after a party. A supersize Mc.Chicken menu for dinner. I'm even delighted when my man takes my on a romantic night out... to Mc.Donalds! I'm lovin' it! Please don't hate me for it....

2. Jersey Shore

♪ T-shirt time..... ♪

I've watched every episode of Jersey Shore at least two times. It was my comfort when I was heartbroken. It's my entertainment when I'm bored. It's my leisure time when I'm stressed. Roel hates me for it, he thinks it's the most superficial TV in the world. But I love it! More than that: I love thém! I felt really like cónnected with the characters. Like they were my friends! Especially Nicole. Oh yeah, Snooki yeah! When the Jersey Shore book was out, I turned to the Snooki & JWOWW spin-off. And now, when I'm home alone, I sometimes watch Georgie Shore. I'll settle for the next best thing... ;)

3. Cat pictures

And cat movies. And tees with cats. Cat socks. And cat cupcakes. Pizza cat. Real life cats. Cat drawings. Cat I-phone cases. Canvas bags with cats on it. Cat pillow cases. Cat sweaters. Sleeping cats. Playing cats. Cats that.... well, you get the point!

4. Decadent desserts

Some fresh cupcakes for dessert. Cake, just for fun! A cream slice with my coffee at night. An after-work-decorated-donut. Ice-cream! A muffin as a breakfast-dessert. And the pudding-of-the-month is the one with pink champagne, I have to try that! Every diet fails and I tremble when I look at my bank account. But I just can't stop. There's always a reason to celebrate!

5. Market shopping

I'm one a the lucky few with Tuesday as my weekly day off. Tuesday is market day in Rotterdam! And I love to go to the market. Last week I bought 5 avocados for 1 euro. Score! This week: 3 bunches of flowers, €3,50. O yeah! I get so happy from all the good deals, nothing feels as good as going home with a bag full of healthy stuff for only €5,-...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Met mijn werk mag ik het al helemaal niet uitspreken maar de laatste jaren als ik op mijn verjaardag mag kiezen waar we gaan eten gaan we altijd naar de Mac! En inmiddels verhuisd uit Rotterdam maar ik mis de markt nog elke week! Heel de kar vol voor 15,- fantastisch!!!

    1. Vandaag nog 5 bossen bloemen gehaald voor €3,-. Love it! :)


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