donderdag 19 december 2013


coat - H&M, blouse - Zara, sweater - Zara, jeans - H&M, sneakers - Nike, scarf - H&M

She's Rotterdam at heart, just like me. We met at acting class and turned out to love the same music, the same parties, the same festivals, the same style, the same stores, the same shows. But where I'm obsessed with cats, she's more of a dog person. And now Daisy is taking her love for dogs to another level.
Not only has she enriched her life with cutiepie Ruud, she's now starting her own dog treats bakery!
Koekiemonsters is everything your dog wants: It's tasty, it's a treat and everything Daisy makes is organic. Next Saturday Daisy has a booth on the Swan Market. So if you have a dog and you wanna spoil him for Christmas, or you know a dog owner and you're looking for an original gift, or if you're just curious like me, come check it out!
For more info, visit the website: KoekiemonstersSwan Market
See you there!

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