dinsdag 31 december 2013

DIARY: 2013

Last day of the 2013 is one to look back on a wonderful year. I think it's even the best year of my life! Our 4 month journey across South-America as a absolute highlight, following by moving in together, but with other beautiful things as well. I witnessed the people around me take life changing steps. Starting a business. Buying a house. Having a baby, or a couple of cats. Moving in together. Travelling around the world, like me. It seems like 2013 was an eventful year, and not only for me. A year to never forget. I hope 2014 will be as lovely as 2013, for at least.
For today I made a diary of all the special moments of this year. 64 pictures to be exact. And still it's not all I wanted to show you! A little thing about every month:

January: A lot of snow and my friend Desiree turning 30! She has just told me a few days before she was expecting, but it still was a big secret by then!

February: A family trip to Altea, a little place in Spain where my parents live. And preparing our big trip.. Roel is leaving next month, so February is all about getting our vaccinations, spent all the time we have together, last minute shopping and a great farewell party!

March: Roel's leaving for Buenos Aires, 8 weeks before me. We planned on meeting 11 weeks later, he would start travelling around Argentina and I would be by myself in Buenos Aires for 3 weeks as well. But within a week we missed eachother so much, we dropped that plan and he was picking me up at the airport as soon as I set foot on Argentina ground. :)
And my brother and his girlfriend move into their new appartment, which is amazingly beautiful! Little housewarming party there as well. :)
And my friend Neomie's 30th birthday surpriseparty! 1983 was a good year of production! ;)

April: Getting a little used to the fact of Roel being away and having a lot of festival fun with Daisy! ♥ And spent a lot of quality time with all of my friends, since I was leaving very soon. Farewellparty.

May: Yes, the day's finally there! The start of my great adventure! I was so excited and afraid at the same time. But it turned out fine. Very fine! It was wonderful to see Roel again and we had the best time acting like locals in Buenos Aires, visited the Iguazu Falls and discovered the mountains of Salta.

June: We started a new month in a new country: Chili. San Pedro de Atacama to be exact. An amazing starry sky and a great place to start the Uyuni tour in Bolivia, across the Salt Flats. Bolivia was by far the best place we have been. The people are so humble and kind. We've been to Sucre, Cochabamba, La Paz, Copacobana and the beautiful Isla del Sol. From there we crossed the border to Peru.

July: Peru was a whole new world. Much more touristic and commercial. Plus they're not very kind to animals, in contrast to Bolivia and Argentina. Although we saw beautiful places (Machu Picchu, Islas Ballestas) and did amazing things (Inca Jungle Tour was epic!), we didn't like the country that much. After 4 weeks of travelling around, we took the slow-boat across the Amazone to Colombia. And with Colombia we fell in love...
And, Roel turning 28 in jungletown Iquitos!

August: Staying with locals in Bogota, enjoying the rest in Popayan, visiting the Zoo in Cali, playing 'tejo' and being overwhelmed by beauty in Salento, end up in the hospital in Medellin and relax big time in the sun at the Caribbean Coast... A beautiful end of our trip!
The boat trip to Panama was a disaster! San Blas are paradise, but the captain was a very bad man, blugh! Don't wanna talk about that again...

September:  We made it to Panama in time to catch our plain home. And there were great things waiting for us as well. Seeing all my friends again. Turning 30. The birth of little Felix, Desiree's son. And my stepsister gave birth to a boy as well: Luca, who I'm finally going to meet in the new year!
And, ofcourse, the start of Flower Child! Thanks you all for following and reading my blog!

October: Getting sick again... Going to the hospital a lot. Turns out the bacteria I incurred in Colombia is gone, but my body is still damaged. It can take a year to heal and be whole again!

November: Winter, blugh... Preparations for 'Sinterklaas', which I am celebrating for the first time in over 10 years! And the 'Zwarte Piet' discussion, which really made me think.

December: Roel starting a new job, a citytrip to Groningen, holiday festivities... and finally some money to shop! :) And tonight a smashing NYE!

I wish you all the best NYE! See you in 2014...!

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