My name is Eline and I’m one of the guestbloggers on the blog of my good friend Linda. Over the years I’ve collected images on the internet. Images which inspire me on my personal style, home decoration, delicious recipes en words that touch me. I’m a pinahololic you can say. Pinterest is the perfect platform for me to collect all my inspiration. My own moodboards inspire me every day. From now on I will share the pictures and words that inspired me on pinterest and a lot of blogs in a monthly item. So Flowerchild is my personal platform to share these beautiful images with you. I hope you’ll enjoy and most of all get inspired! 

Winter wonderland
Snow hasn't been falling yet in Holland, but day by day I feel I'm getting more and more in a winter mood. It's getting colder, so I really have an urge for spending my evenings by cocooning. Light some candles, put on my chunky socks and some comfortable clothes.. I love it! But on the other hand I love going outside for a walk through the city. I live in Utrecht, a beautiful historical city. It's like Amsterdam with it's canals, but smaller. During winter there are lights all over the historical city, in trees along the canals and in shopping streets. I always get a bit melancholical by it! ;-) A lot of memories are coming back. These lights, atmosphere and dynamics in the city are a reason to get out of my cocoon en enjoy the life outside my cozy home. 
Another big reason to get out of my cocoon is the real winter wonderland. I love to walk in nature and feeling the freezing air on my skin. Especially when it has snowed. Looking at the white landscape always makes me a bit humble. The beauty of nature... something I have to treasure en enjoy a lot more. Maybe a resolution for 2014?

Enjoy the winter!!

- Lien

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