Yeah! My phone is back, so I can do Instagram again! Last week (and a little more) in pictures, this is what you're looking at: 

my little bro was in town and we had lunch at Bagels & Beans (wearing my new Monki sweater you'll see more of tomorrow on the blog) ♥ // big black beanie and eyeliner. finally a big beanie in girls department, so I don't have to go to the mens like I did before // 4 pictures of celebrating 'Sinterklaas' with the family-in-law. I haven't been celebrating Sinterklaas like this since I was a kid, so it was lot's of fun! 'Pietje' Samual who was so excited and little one Merlijn who is starting to get it more and more. Roel laughing about the poem he got and the white cat was obviously made for me! :) // beautiful quote! deep, true love is always worth fighting for. and I'm glad I found that kind of love // going into the Monki fittingroom is always an experience on it's own // my house. my new fox-shaped cushion from Primark // our little christmas tree. it's the most wonderful time of the year! ♥

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