zaterdag 28 december 2013


Time for a little Christmas diary! I had the best time, I love Christmas!
The day before Christmas we annually celebrate 'Christmas Afternoon' in Enschede (the city where Roel has his roots), which means party hard! Christmas eve means passing out drunk in bed or on the couch at 8 PM... ;)
We spent Christmas day at Roel parents, with his family. He's one of four children, so it's pretty buzzing! His nephew's are the centre of attention, this blond little angel Merlijn is as cute as a button!
We visited my brother Wesley, his girlfriend Susan and their 2 kittycats in Nijmegen for Boxing Day. We played games and Susan made us the best 3-course dinner. We had to leave way to early to catch the train, we'll sleep over next time!
When we came home Roel surprised me with some lovely Christmas gifts as well ♥.
I'm spoiled this year, with gifts and warmth! Means a lot.

Only 3 days in 2013... Which means listening to the radio a lot! Top 2000, the greatest list of all time. Playing non-stop. It's my favourite from-Christmas-till-NewYears tradition! Tomorrow I will share with you my personal top 10. But for now, enjoy this diary and the last Saturday of the year!

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