When I started this blog I had the plan to share more with you than fashion only. I want to be a platform for guest writers, share other interests with you like art and travelling and be a sign bord for Rotterdam by sharing great places to go and photographe and interview people about their passions. Outfits and fashion inspiration still have the upper hand, but that's my passion! Today I want to add more depth with sharing with you 10 facts about me. Some personal things and general stuff. Here we go:

1. I love to sleep late. I'm a night owl. I always go to bed way to late, with puffy eyes as a result. I try to be in bed on time, because I have to with work and so, but I don't like it. I got my energy at night! And I HATE waking up early... When I have the day off I sleep till noon, at least. Sometimes people ask me if I don't feel like I'm wasting my day. No, I don't. Do you feel like wasting your night by sleeping? My wish is to find a job one day that I can do whenever I want. Like writing. And go to bed whenever I want, sleeping 'till noon everyday! 

2. In 'real life' I work for juvenile probation, part of child protective services. I work with youth that's breaking bad and it's my job to try to get them on the right path again. It's hard sometimes, but challenging and I really like to do it. I am a graduate social worker and my heart goes out for troubled kids. I worked on a residential house before and did that with great pleasure as well. Something completely different than fashion, right?

3. I still live in the city I was born and raised. Not much of an adventure, right? But I love Rotterdam! I've seen a lot of places, and some I fell deeply in love with (New York! Paris! Buenos Aires! London! All of Bolivia!), but it always turns out there's no place like home. My mom lives in Spain, my little brother moved to Nijmegen and my boyfriend was born on the other side of the country, but I stick to Rotterdam. 

4. Red is my favourite color. Always has been! If it comes to clothes I'm very into black, but I appreciate a red dress from time to time. And I got a weakness for pink stuff. Can't help it, I'm a girl. 

5. I'm a HUGE animal lover. ♥ I've got 2 cats which I adore, but if nobody protected me from myself  my house would turn into a Zoo in no time. I grew up with cats and birds, and I still remember the moment I got a guinea pig for my 5th birthday. So happy! 

6. I travelled around South-America for 4 months. Best time of my life! My boyfriend was my travel mate and we visited Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Panama. It was an impressive journey! First: living towards it, saying farewell to my friends at home, my cats, my home. There: the amazing beauty of nature, meeting new people, other cultures, travelling from place to place. It was great to share this adventure with my boyfriend. It strengthened our bond and it's an experience no one can ever take away from us. The greatest thing I've ever done! I'm already longing for another long trip... Asia this time, for at least 4 months. But first: Save enough money!

7. Before my boyfriend moved in, my house was like a museum. Pictures everywhere! I love taking pictures. Capturing the most beautiful places in town, places I've been to, or moments with my loved ones. The cat on his cutest way. And yes, a selfie so now and then. Now we agreed to a few nice frames to fill in the room, but the toilet door is still full of postcards and photographs. And I still have to develop a lot of pictures from my South-America trip, so there's many more to come!   

8. My friends are like family to me! With a tough childhood and little family to fall back on I created my own base. I got a few friends that I know I can always count on. It's like unconditional and they mean the world to me! I love to see us all grow up, and share important moments. Graduation, marriage, babies, starting an own business. But also the hard parts of life, serious things. I feel blessed we are part of eachothers lives like that. Don't get me wrong, I am and always have been very close with my brother, he's my #1 and I love him to the moon and back. And my mom and I solved our problems years ago. But I cherish the bond that I have with those girls. I think it's really something special. 

9. I'm addicted to TV shows! In my daily life I don't watch a lot of TV. I like to watch the current affairs programs so now and then, but that's about it. But when we download a series and we begin to watch I get óbsessed. Dexter... The Sopranos... Breaking Bad... We spent a lot of time in bed with the laptop, so to say. What's your favourite show?

10. My phone is glued to my hand. Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin', Whatsapp, Twitter... The news... I want to follow it all. It's one of my resolutions to pay more attention to my loved ones and less to my phone. The last to weeks I had to go without it (because it's broken and it had to be fixed), and that has done me right. I look forward to get it back, but I'm gonna stuck to my resolution!

So... Now I would like to hear a fact about you! Tell me something about yourself on Facebook or leave a message underneath. I'm looking forward to it!

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