Ok... tea is not really food. But it's something I drink all day every day. In the early morning when I come in at work, when I meet my friends at the cafe or on the couche at night... there's always a reason for a fresh cup of tea. Today I share with you my favourite flavours and spices:

1.  Green & white tea grapefruit chilipepper, Albert Heijn

All the good from green and white tea, citrus with a twist and the spicyness of pepper. A combination that made me very curious! And my curiosity was rewarded, what a delicious tea! The chilipepper leaves a warm and snappy tinkling behind in your mouth and combined with the sweetness of grapefruit that's a pretty good thing. This is my absolute favourite!

2. Rooibos honey blend, Picwick

I love to drink a cup of this tea before I go to sleep. Rooibos is known for its calming effect and I believe it makes me sleep tight. The honey brings a sweet and soft taste.

3. Green tea lotus bamboo, Albert Heijn

The first time I had this tea I wasn't sure if i loved it or hated it. It's a flavour I never had before, one that challenged me. Just like sushi. But, just like with sushi, I got used to this new sensation and with every sip I loved it more and more.

4.  Hammam Mint, Rituals.

Like everything from Rituals, this tea feels like a real treat. Maybe it's the golden box, the wonderful aroma or the luxurious silky bags, but it's really something special. We got this one as a present from Roels sister, a present we enjoy!

5.  Green tea jasmine, Lipton

An oldie but a goodie. Green tea ensures that food is less rapidly transformed into calories, it reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseases and it's full of antioxidants. Reasons enough to drink this stuff. Jasmin tea always reminds me of dimsum-dates with my girlfriends, it's one of China's most famous green teas. It adds a mild flavour to the naturally bitter green tea. The real chinese stuff is the best, but the triangles from Lipton make a nice second.

What's your favourite tea? I'd love to try new flavours!

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