donderdag 10 oktober 2013


Ph: Roel
dress - H&M divided, belt - River Island, boots - H&M trend, rings - H&M

When I would tell you these pictures were taken 2 months ago in the middle of summer, I bet you would believe me. But 2 months ago I was still travelling around S-America, we were in Salento, Colombia to be precise. This picture was taken last Sunday. The last beautiful, warm, indian summer day.
After 4 months of backpacking with a black maxi dress as my favourite clothing piece I couldn't imagine I wanted to wear one again so soon. But I found this one online for just 9,95 euro, and I think it will be the master piece of my fall wardrobe. I love the t-shirt collar, the torn armholes and the deep split. Sexy during summer time, cozy with a big knitted vest when winter kicks in.
And that last one won't take very long I guess, since the temperatures are dropping like crazy the last few days! Are you ready for the cold?

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