woensdag 26 februari 2014


It was a very véry rainy night when Roel and I arrived at de Meent in Rotterdam for dinner at Burgertrut. There we stood, infront of an empty space. No restaurant, no burgers... No moving note. We took off, disappointed. But it had me thinking about it all night. How could a successful restaurant just be gone like that? I asked my friends, maybe something happened when I was in South-America for 4 months. But no, nobody knew anything about it. So I started to search on the internet and found the answer. Burgertrut had moved into Worm at the Witte de Withstraat. Like a shop-in-shop. And so that next Thursday Roel and I went for their lovely burgers after all.

Since the restaurant is below street level, it's easy to miss. But when you found it, it's wonderful. It's like a warm and cozy cave, a bit dark, but with all sorts of lights, lamps and candles. Fresh flowers on the table. A paper menu, vintage furniture and cute checkered napkins. Like we went back in time a little. 
The burgers are totally suitable for a low budget ánd for vegetarians. At least 50% of the card is meat free. That's one of the things I love most about it! My personal favourite is the Japanese burger with lot's of wasabi, yum! (goes perfect with the pear cider, btw..!). And the meat they do serve is organic. 
On the wall there's a handwritten note with the desserts of the day. Homemade, and always different. 

This place is really worth a visit. And since it's close to the theatre it's great for a classic date: dinner and a movie! With your latest Tinder match, with le bf or on a girlsnight out, it all fits Burgertrut!  

Boomgaardstraat 71 
3012 XA Rotterdam

Tuesday & Wednesday 17.00-21.30h
Thursday & Friday 17.00-22.30h
Saturday 14.00-22.30h
Sunday 14.00-21.30h

*The pictures aren't the best quality, but I tried to capture the atmosphere as good as possible. 

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