maandag 24 februari 2014


O hi there, big-fat-diary-'cause-I-haven't-done-a-diary-post-for-weeks! It's crazy busy at work at the moment and when I'm home I'm so exhausted I can't get myself to blog... And then there was the migraine last Thursday, blugh! But the sun gives me energy, I'm really longing for spring! Yesterday was a lovely day, super sunny, well spent with my girlfriends and later on my boyfriend. What have you been up to?
So what are you looking at?

300 followers on Instagram, yaay! thanks guys, I really appreciate it! // very tasty dinner: sweet peppers with couscous, goatcheese and pine nuts // Gijssie was gone, we tried to find him anywhere. after 11 days he was meowing at the backdoor. so happy to have him back!! // my friend Georgina and I met up yesterday (and a lot of other friends! ♥) and she's so beautiful pregnant. 2 more months and there's a new baby in our lives! // having a candlelight dinner with my friend Christel at McDonald's. We're always joking around about how we love fastfood and romantic dinners, and this time she really brought candles! :)  // this was a little flashback to the amazing Machu Picchu. I posted this pic on Valentine's day, love this man an awful lot! // Twiggy behind the tulips we got from Roel's sister. spring feeling! // minicupcakes with Desiree, Georgina and Jessica yesterday // little Felix was joining as well. easy like sunday morning ♥ // vday tompouce, love the little hearts! // grey skirt, sneakers and a lot of sunshine last saturday.  

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