maandag 3 februari 2014


Let's start the week with a diary for a change. A big fat diary from a big fat week.
What you're looking at:

got my hair cut on monday. happy with my new fresh cut bangs! // these little shoes are hanging on my closet door for a very long time - they're my first shoes! - and since we refurbished the bedroom last weekend they come up way better // my mom is in Holland and she brought me flowers. ♥ these red tulips, the sun and red nailpolish make me feel like spring // wednesday Roel surprised me with this lovely brunch, while I was meeting my mom for lunch 2 hours later. oops! just had scones and clotted cream hihi, but we were talking more than eating anyway. we don't see eachother that often, 'cause my mom lives in Spain and in these few hours together we have a lot to catch up on. fortunately I see her again next month, Roel and I are going to Spain for a little holiday in march // dancing with the girls on fridaynight at 'Dance Dance Dance', IFFR's famous afterparty // on tuesday Roel and I went to a IFFR movie last minute. if you buy your tickets an hour before start you get 'm half price. we went to 'Another Year', a Russian film about young love. it was beautiful! // fridaynight I went out for sushi with Irene and Eline and after that I went to see a IFFR movie with Daisy and Jolanda. we went to see 'Intorior. Leather Bar' from James Franco and we were shocked! although we knew it was about gay sex, we never expected this... it was like gayporn, they left nothing to the imagination. between the 'Oooh!'s and 'Ahh's and 'WTF's and 'OMG's we laught our asses off. what a night! after that we went dancing with the 5 of us together // it's way to cold to shoot pictures outside, so we tried to get a good result at home // Gijssie, with not a care in the world ♥ // and another one from the 3 of us - Irene, Eline and I - on friday night!

How was your week?

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