vrijdag 14 februari 2014


My name is Eline and I’m one of the guestbloggers on the blog of my good friend Linda. Over the years I’ve collected images on the internet. Images which inspire me on my personal style, home decoration, delicious recipes en words that touch me. I’m a pinahololic you can say. Pinterest is the perfect platform for me to collect all my inspiration. My own moodboards inspire me every day. From now on I will share the pictures and words that inspired me on pinterest and a lot of blogs in a monthly item. So Flowerchild is my personal platform to share these beautiful images with you. I hope you’ll enjoy and most of all get inspired! 

Love is in the air

February is the month of love, because of the celebration of Valentine’s day. Although it's mostly motivated by commercialism I think it's good to dwell on what your beloved ones mean to you. A day to appreciate and actually say or show that to your other half, but also to your mom, dad, brother, sister or good friend.

Now that I think about it... actually every month should be the month of love! It is the most important thing in life. Well... ’thing’ sounds a little bit weird, but it’s a feeling that we can’t live without. We should celebrate that more often! And I don’t only mean the boyfriend-girlfriend thing but also love for your family and friends. We are made to love and connect with eachother, on a deeper level than facebook or anything. So let’s celebrate love and cherish everyone you feel connected to!

- Lien


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