maandag 7 oktober 2013


Ph: Roel
tee - H&M divided, skirt - H&M trend, sneakers - New Balance

This skirt is waiting in my closet for me to wear it for a long time. When I bought it years ago I thought it was pretty awesome, but when I wear it it always turns out to be a look that's way too chic. Until last Friday! The sun was shining, the temperature rising and I wanted to wear a skirt and bare legs. I was searching for something quick to put on and than I found this skirt. What if I try it in the mix with a simple grey tee and some sneakers? It turned out to be a casual chic outfit, great for this beautiful indian summer day.
Later that day we met with some friends and sat outside 'till late at night. In October! I hope this weather will last much and much longer. Just like the skirt!

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