dinsdag 29 oktober 2013


It's a sunny Wednesday afternoon when I meet Anne at her place. I'm there for my first interview for the blog and quite excited! It turns out to be a very fun afternoon on her beautiful wooden (and large!) kitchen table, with tea and frozen cream puffs. And a lot about Studio de Goedzak! 

Q: What is Studio de Goedzak all about?
A: It's the working name for all my personal projects. It's about all the things I like, and things that improve the world. The idea had to grow with time. I got all these creative ideas and they became tangled with my personal life. Now I can fit them in Studio de Goedzak! And I hope I can inspire other people to express themselves and do what they like. 

Q: How did you come up with the name? 
A: I had to think about that for a long time, but then this came into my mind. And it's the exactly the right name for the project. It's funny, and in the same time it's obvious what I'm doing. There already was a 'Goedzak', that's why I came up with 'Studio de Goedzak'.   
'De Goedzak', means something like 'the good guy'. Or in my words: the goodhole (instead of the asshole! :)). 

Q: What exactly does Studio de Goedzak?
A: I leave messages in unexpected places, like in grosery stores, on mirrors and park benches. Stickers on lampposts. Last summer I visited Brussels and wrote 'YOU ARE AWESOME' on the street with sidewalk chalk and a big dot for people to stand on. And then watched as the rain washed it away.... I drew a hopscotch once and saw bums having the time of their lives. I enjoy that! 
Besides that I organize tapas nights with friends and strangers. Backpackers, couch surfers, it's really fun to meet new people! I did this photo/instawalk in Rotterdam as well, and thanks to some cool people who joined it turned out to be a great day.  
The thing that has my main interest at the moment is giving yoga lessons to children. It started out as a trial with the kids from work - I used to be a daycare teacher. They really liked it, so I expanded it to lessons at my home and in the street. And next thing I was giving yoga classes at the Zuiderpark Spelen (a childrens festival in Rotterdam). A huge success! I give yoga classes for adults as well.  

Q: Is Studio de Goedzak genuine Rotterdam? 
A: I live in Rotterdam. And most of the projects take place in Rotterdam. But Studio de Goedzak is for everyone, from everywhere. Everbody can join! 

Q: What are the plans for coming winter?
A: AAh, I began on this '27 things' project, and there are like 20 things I still have to do this year! In the near future there will be an inspiration night for women at my place. Another thing I started is printing t-shirts. You can bring your own tee, so you're sure it fits, and I print it with one of the Studio de Goedzak prints for only €10,-!
And there are plenty of other things to come! 

Q: What can we do in order to contribute to Studio de Goedzak?
A: Be part of the projects, or organize your own. It's all about doing good, and doing what you like. Like my Facebookpage. O, and about the yoga classes: the first lesson is for free! Adults and children. After that it is based on a donation by your choice. Just send me an inboxmessage on Facebook!  

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