vrijdag 18 oktober 2013


Last weeks daily life in pictures, this is what you're looking at:

to bang or not to bang? I want to do something different with my hair and I'm in doubt about bangs for a long time. Zoeey Deschanel rocks 'm! but I'm a blond and my hair is always fluffy. think I'll just go for it. one day...  // home made thai burgers! my bf made this and they're YUM! // aaaah! while having a drink with my darling Daisy last saturday night someone stole our umbrella! we got soaked!! // perfect dress at Vera Wangs's bridal show. dream away... // it's all about rain rain rain rain rain, day after day! hope the colors under the umbrella will cheer you up a little :) // yaaay, I got featured at @Ilovefashionbloggers for the second time! cool cool!

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