vrijdag 11 oktober 2013


Hi guys! 
TGIF! 10 more hours of work and than 2 days of freedom. Weekend! What are your plans? 
As always I start the weekend with a picture diary. So what are you looking at? 

sunset in Delfshaven. my own dodgy, but beautiful neighbourhood close to the harbor. amazing right? // I'm a sucker when it comes to photoshop. but with the man's help I created this new header for the blog. much better, don't you think? // what happens when the cat interferes with taking outfit pictures :) ♥ // my fave tea at the moment: green and white tea with grapefruit and chilipepper. I love that it tastes so pepperish! // bad quality of the pic, but a great get-together! my boyfriends old roommate lives in Mexico now, but spent a week back in Holland with his Mexican girlfriend. and how awesome is the weather? october, and we sit outside drinking beers! // inspiring quote ♥ // I was wearing this beautiful ring last tuesday. golden feather, a gift from my friend Eline & Irene for my 30th birthday // the plus side of rain: rainbows! from my work office, making my morning. 

Happy Friday all of you! 


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  1. I love the feather ring!And btw jack kerouac is one of my favourite authors :)


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