donderdag 31 oktober 2013


vest - H&M divided, nailpolish - Etos, cup - Pip, top - Zara, dress - H&M trend

For me going to the hairdresser feels the same as going to the dentist. Out of control and scared is hell! I was fantasizing about bangs for a long time, but as always I kept on postponing my visit to the barber shop. Until yesterday. My friend Sanne had to cancel our date at the last moment and the boyfriend was planning on going to the hairdresser. Why not just go with him?
While waiting for my turn I was nervously wobbling in my chair. What if she doesn't get what I want, what if she cuts it wrong? What if my new look makes me look ridiculous? 
But it turned out just fine! My hair is still long enough to make a bun. And now it's full and healthy again. And the bangs... I love the bangs! I look so different! Just what I wanted! Yaaay! 
I promised the hairdresser to, for now on, pay her a visit every 3 months. No more dead ends. And awesome looking bangs! 
Thanks Brainwash Rotterdam! 

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