zondag 20 oktober 2013


Ph: All photos are taking by me and coming from my instagram.

It's a classic image in our home on days off: a table full of food and drinks for brunch. We love to sleep late and than mix breakfast and lunch to one sumptuous meal. I try to make something different everytime, but I always want it to be tasty, varied with something extra, and a bit healthy. Today I share with you what we recently had for brunch. It's always a nice sight for a picture. ;)
1. A mix of leftovers: wholemeal triangles from the oven, goatcheese and honey, tasty tom tomatos, mature cheese, espresso for the man, green tea for me, mango smoothies (yoghurt + mango + blender = ready) and a little bit of chocolate pudding.
2.  One of my fall favourites: granola bread with goatcheese, honey, mint en fresh blackberries! And in the corner you see a bit of a little chocolate profiterole, yum!
3. Wholemeal buns the Italian way: with mozzarella, cherry tomatos and basil. The other one's with aged cheese. Milk and Nesquick to drink, and tea and coffee ofcourse. 
4. There are the triangles again, mmm! With my favourite cheese in the world: Old Amsterdam. Salty and tasteful! A perfect combination with the rocket salad. Lotus tea for her, a strong espresso for him and a typical Dutch pastry for desert: Bossche bollen!
5. Dark bread with goatcheese spread, honey and walnuts combined with late summer strawberry biscuits. And some 'Actimel' to keep our bellies save. 

You would think we'd be bloated by now, but not even. ;) And it's less expensive than going out and way more cozy! I hope you try out one of my 'recipes' sometime!

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